Colonel Thacker Invitational

A Tribute to Colonel Bob Thacker

Hosted by Greg Arnette at his "Area 51" R/C jet flying field.


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Boli Muentes is flanked by Jimmy Safie and his jet pilot son Jose Andres after a great flight with this 1/4th scale YAK130.
Don Gottlieb from West Palm Beach, Fl. showed the BVM Viper jet in the Ferrari scheme.  Many great flights!


Greg and Jenni Alderman traveled from Daleville, Indiana to enjoy their 1/5th scale BVM F-16 in the popular ThunderBird scheme.



The flying debut of the all new evo Ultra Bandit was celebrated at Area 51. It is light, very aerobatic and solid on approach to landing. Superbly flown by Rob Lynch.

There were a couple of F-16's in the Edwards Air Force scheme like this one being flown by Ray Johns (USAF 4 Star Ret.)
Tim Len and our host Greg Arnette are enjoying the moment while taking a break from the busy flying schedule.
The honored "Pilot's Choice" trophy was awarded to Franco DiMauro. Not only did he fly everything but he assisted many other pilots with their flights.

More photos to come!




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