Saturday at SAM's
Sanford AeroModelers Club Field
March 2013

 We have a very active group of jet modelers in Central Florida and Saturday mornings at the SAM's Field is a favorite meeting/flying place.  Sometimes, our out of town friends join in the fun.

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Peter Miller (our local puppy doctor) is having fun with his new Skymaster Hawk.  This paint scheme is labeled custom.  Peter guides his Hawk with a JR 12X radio and it is powered with a K140.  BVM offers a gearing up Enhancement Kits  and just lately a beefed up Tailpipe BVM# PM-TP-6001.  The Hawk has an excellent landing gear system that operates well from grassfields.


Jason Bauer maidened his Skymaster F-86 with KingTech 180G power.


Roger Ko from New York joined us following a business convention in Orlando.  He got some stick time on his BVM EBandit and MiG-15, both on EVF 12S power.  The SAM's grassfield is properly maintained for jet action.


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