Jets Over Kentucky Week
July 3 - 9, 2011

   It takes a few years to build an event.  There must be a suitable runway site and a town that appreciates the influx of new business.  Geographic convenience to a large number of enthusiasts is vital but surely the single most important ingredient is the "key man" who wants and knows how to make things happen.

Lewis Patton is that key person for the week of fun at "Jets Over Kentucky".  The 155 jet pilots who attended this event were unanimous in their appreciation of the organization and sponsorship.

Photo Gallery
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    Frank B. Zagotti's Xtreme Jets BD-5 was awarded the
    "Best Civilian Jet" at Jets Over Kentucky.
     Pictures by Rich Eichel






   Peter Harasiewicz flew his Kingcat, Bobcat XL, and
   Bandit Arf at Kentucky jets.





   Ali Machinchy and Rei Gonzales enjoyed many flights on these
   EVF ~3~12S powered eMiG ARF's.  Their formation routine
   was extra special.



      Jeff Daley presented a BVM T-33.  We would like to know more 
       about this paint scheme.
   Kim Foster from Mansfield Oh. built and painted this BVM 80" F-86 in the Canadian "Golden Hawks" scheme. Kim added wing extensions to fit the Canadian Mark 5 planform and documented the scheme from a museum bird.  Kentucky Jets afforded Kim some practice flights for the upcoming "Jet World Masters" in Dayton Ohio.


     Scott Harris also took advantage of the runway and condition at Kentucky Jets for practice for the J.W.M. with his Cheetah powered 80"
   BVM Sabre.  The Flite-Metal finish and details on Scott's Sabre are superb.

      It's a good practice to get the trim flights accomplished on a scale jet prior to the months of work required to properly detail it for
   competition.  Kentucky Jets provided a perfect venue for Greg Wright to do so.
  Note:  A technical glitch with a camera wiped out most of our photos of this event.  If you were there and can help us with credits and
   photos of the BVM guys, we would be most appreciative and add a cartridge of glue to your next accessory order.

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