Ocala, Florida  

13 Dec 08

This 2nd annual event was a great opportunity for Electric Jet enthusiasts from Florida to enjoy their sport.

The "Ocala Flying Model Club" facility is perfect for E-Jets and the weather just couldn't have been better.  It was a bit cool in the morning allowing the Florida guys a little experience in getting the LiPo's warmed up for the first round of flying.

Again, the BVM jets with EVF power performed flawlessly and won the "Fastest Jet" and "Pilot's Choice" awards.

We appreciate the organizational efforts of Contest Directors Gary Doeren and Kyle Hornberger and the many Ocala Club members who welcomed us to their beautiful facility.

Photo Gallery
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   Dee Miller got some assistance from Dustin to maiden this gorgeous Electra Jet with EVF 5012 power.  It was a perfect first flight.  The paint scheme and colors are the same as Dee's Ultra Bandit.

   Z.B. from "Esprit Models" is quite accomplished at flying this Electra Jet ARF.  Z.B. enjoys a very good reputation with Central Florida and mail order customers serving their electric power hobby requirements.

Check out:

   Bob Fiorenze really enjoys his Electra Jets. Both were built from the kit version and are beautifully crafted.

   These Hi Viz schemes were flown multiple times at Ocala and the "Red Aggressor" won the "Fastest Jet" award with its EVF 5012 power plant and EVO 6400 12s batteries.

   Fio does well representing the BVM/EVF products at many annual jet events.

   BVM "Sparky", Chuck McClellan, prepares' his EVF 4010 powered Electra for flight.

   Chuck likes the simplicity of the 10s power, especially with the 2009 Flight Power EON 33 Saddle CellsTM.  Speed is in the 160mph range and flight times of 6+ minutes consume about 70% of the available amps.

   Chuck is instrumental in helping us evaluate our supporting products such as the batteries and chargers.  Lately, he has spent some time with the new batteries and two charging systems.  He likes the Cell Pro from FMA and the latest Bantam BC8DX.

   The Sabre ARF and the Phantom were our scale jet features for the one day event. 

   The Sabre is a 150mph machine with the EVF 5212 thruster, while the Phantom does well on two EVF 4010's; well enough to garner the "Pilot's Choice" award.

   Peanut, the "jet puppy" also enjoyed the perfect weather.

   A good way to spread the word about how BVM Jets fly is to offer pilot link time at the events.  Shannon Black enjoyed some stick time on the Electra.  The smiles reveal the outcome of Dustin's "pilot in command" effort..