12 O'Clock High
October 2014

By Bob Violett

  This early Fall FTE event is for military replicas from any era of aviation history. Therefore, our jets mingled in the air with WWI biplanes, Cub Trainers, and WWII recips like P-51's, P-47's, Stuka's etc.

Good News - No Mid Airs

  The persistent light crosswind didn't deter any jet flying, so we dominated the airborne activity to the pleasure of most of the spectators. They like to watch the jets and visit our tent with lots of questions and stories.

  The A-10 Warthog spurs the most interest because so many former Air Force and Marine members were involved with its maintenance, arming, and piloting.  The BVM demo team took 10 scale jets to
12 O'Clock High and flew them all many times.

Photo Gallery

Photo contributions from: David Hart, Rich Uravitch, Dustin Buescher, Jason Bauer, and Bob Violett

David Hart contributed this perfect "In-Action" shot of Shani Studniks BVM F-100. Mike Haspes assisted Shani with engine start-up preparations.
The BVM PNP Cougar got exercised a lot, sometimes with guest pilots such as Mr. Tiano himself on the sticks.  All agree that the Cougar is a pussy cat to fly and land.
This Skymaster T-38 has had a few owners that contributed to its completion.  Greg Arnette applied the final finish and got it flying. Here, Dustin and Greg carry it back to the BVM tent after a successful flight.
Ritchie Holt's choice of color scheme on his Skymaster Hawk shows well against even a deep blue sky.  Like all Skymaster Hawks with 140N power, it handles well.
The BVM demo "All Electric" MiG-15 demonstrated the state-of-the-art with its EVF ~3~ 12S 9er powerplant. It can "hang" with the turbines in flight.
This Blue Angel Phantom was originally built and painted by Bill Harris about 15 years ago. It has had 4 owners along the way and now is proudly owned and very professionally flown by Ritchie Holt.
BVM PNP F-16's were well represented at 12 O'Clock High. Shown here are samples flown by: Rob Lynch, Chris Gunther, Dustin Buescher, Greg Arnette, and Bill Freeland.  All are powered by various brand 140 N class turbines.
Rich Uravitch covered the event for Model Airplane News and was on the flight line getting great photos like this of the BVM twin EVF 12S powered Warthog.  The A-10 garners lots of attention at all flying events.

Editors Note:

The photos and text for these events are usually accomplished by those of us who's primary mission is to fly.  Therefore, we sometimes miss a few photo opportunities.  If you were there and flying your BVM/Skymaster jet, send us a picture and we will add it to the BVMJets.com coverage.


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