First-In-Flight 2013

A Pilot's Event
by Bob Violett

  The Wilson, N.C. Air Park offers a perfect venue for jet modelers to enjoy their sport.  The 150 ft. wide, 5000 ft. long runway is a jet modeler's dream.  Even the most seasoned jet pilots appreciate the extra margin a 150 ft. wide, perfectly paved runway offers.  Event organizers Robert Vess, Larry Lewis, and Mike Hollowell work closely with city leaders to assure all pilots and spectators feel welcome and involved in this Memorial Day weekend celebration.  We heard frequent acknowledgments to those "who served" by the P.A. announcer Robert Vess.  It was a family affair for many, so lets start planning for 2014.  This "Pilot's Event" gets better every year.

Photo Gallery
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  This Navy Aggressor Camo scheme is popular with
e BANDIT enthusiasts like Wes Parris from Southbury, CT.

Two of these e BANDITs  just landed simultaneously.  Wes joined BV and Roger Ko for this group photo; all with EVF power.

  This Early Parade MiG-15 with EVF ~3~ 12S power is proudly owned and flown by Harold Little.  Harold and brother James are real BVM E-Jet fans, they own several.  Harold logged a lot of flights on his EVF 10S powered Electra.
  We call this Bandit ARF scheme the "Multi Color" for obvious reason.  It is perfectly powered with a Jet Central "Rabbit" and performs well in the hands of Richard Curry.
  There can be little doubt about the reliability of this Skymaster airframe.  Expert model jet aviator Steve Stricker puts it through a demanding routine.  Most of us stop what we are doing to admire Steve's flight exhibitions.
  Peter Goldsmith is preparing his Skymaster Cougar for one of its many flights.  Steve and Peter won awards at First In Flight for their Team Horizon efforts.
  Joe Rafalowski applied this custom paint scheme to his Ultra Bandit.  It shows as well in the air as it does on the ground.  Joe's efforts are a tribute to Team Horizon and BVM.
  A seven year old JetCat P-120 has proven extreme reliability in this 7 year old BVM 80" Sabre kit. To build and custom paint a model is rare these days but still an important part of the hobby for many of us.
  Dave and Pete Malchione brought a small fleet of BVM jets including this 63" Sabre ARF in Utah ANG colors. It really scoots on EVF ~3~ 12S power.
  A few rain storms at night saturated the turf adjacent to the very generous size taxi ramp.  Hay bails and tent sides were used to help access the trade tents.
  Andy Finizio likes the size and visibility of this Canadian scheme Skymaster T-33.  It is JetCat P-160 powered.  Andy also flew a Skymaster F-16 and BVM KingCat at First In Flight.
  The Ultra Bandit always works well in windy conditions such as we experienced in Wilson, N.C. this year.  Dustin and BV shared flights on the company demo.
  Robert Vess's dad was a Marine, so BVM modified our Navy Trainer scheme accordingly.

Great Pilot - Great Model!

  Ultra Bandit's were numerous at First In Flight.  Russ Levy is the proud owner/pilot of this one.
  Ed Ritsko's Ultra Bandit is still showing well after 5 years.  He has added a Skymaster Large Viper to his stable.
  David Finkelstein added a few color trim lines to his KingCat to help set it apart from many others of this popular and very visible scheme.  David is a veteran DCRC member.
  The best example of a BVM 80" Sabre is Scott Harris' Flight Metal finished scale contest winning model. The panel and detail work is exemplorary.   This is a very early Bandit that Scott applied an Ultra Bandit
scheme to.
  Dustin assisted Chris Jones with the maiden flight on this Skymaster T-33 in Navy Trainer livery.  A JetCentral Rhino was a perfect power match.  While the T-33's were predominately USAF Trainers, Naval Reserve Squadrons based at Glenview IL., Willow Grove, Pa., Andrews A.F.B., (and others) used them for instrument check rides.  The Navy designation was T-1A.  BV has a few hours in them while assigned to F-8 Crusader Squadron VF-661 in 1968.
  This kit built BobCat XL is the work of Ritchie Lattier and is powered by a JetCentral Rabbit.
  Dave McQueeny likes his jets large and visible.  This Skymaster Viper certainly satisfies those criteria.
  These Skymaster Hawks put on an impressive formation flight.  They are Rhino powered. "External Stores" enhance the presentation.

Pablo flew Richard Curry's and Mark Guimmuli flew Russ Levy's.  Formation flying is the ultimate challenge and yet the most rewarding thrill of flying R/C jets.


 Per your website request here is a photo of my Skymaster F9F that I had at FIF but, I probably put it away before anyone had a chance to photograph it...

George Haak



  Patty, here are a few pictures from FIF this year, some are not great but, it's all BVM! Those are all the DiMaio boys, Anthony, Steve, Sam, and little Anthony.  BVM Sabre with EVF 2 12s and BVM Bandit ARF with JetCentral Rabbit. The Electra in the other pictures is a 12s Electra. All planes JR 12x or DX18 radio equipment. Have a great day!

Steve DiMaio


If you were there with a BVM or Skymaster jet and we missed a photo op, please send something to complete this presentation.


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