The Fresno Radio Modelers R/C Club has a perfect jet field that now has a long term lease agreement, so there will be many more great events like this '09 happening.  This model field runway is so generous that Paul Bageman and I managed a section take-off and landing with an Electra and a Fury.
   It was great to renew friendships and reinforce BVM's commitment to our California customers.
   The Fury with EVF 5612 power was awarded the "Best Fan Jet" trophy.  The Skymaster and BVM Jets were the most numerous in attendance and garnered most of the awards.

Photo Gallery

Chris Setting has been a Bandit enthusiast for a long time.  His latest is this Navy Hi-Viz ARF.
When Dave Fusinato wasn't helping out as the "Show Announcer", he flew this vintage BVM Viper with EVF power and a Bobcat XL.
Much larger Skymaster Viper Jets were popular at Fresno.  Jeff Tolomeo assisted Dave Magoo with the first trim flight on the Canadian scheme sample
(a factory scheme).
Matt Carroll likes JetCat products as this Bobcat paint scheme reflects.  Matt's craftsmanship and flying skills are meticulous.
Fresno was family friendly.  The Clark kids, Katie and Josh were having a great time while daddy Ad Jr. flew his Bobcat and Classic Bandit, Jenny Clark
smilingly approves.
BVM is very fortunate to have Reps like Kent Nogy to support our California customers.  His showmanship with his "Ultra" is exemplary.
"Pilots Choice" was appropriately awarded to Jeff Tolomeo and his Skymaster F-16.  A nice touch was an afterburner light system from Dreamworks.
Joe Castelao has been a Kingcat fan from the beginning.  His latest White/Yellow/Red (BVM #7) scheme with JetCat power is serving him well.
Chris Dellinger enjoys flying his BVM F-4 in Edwards A.F.B. Chase Plane livery when he is not piloting  a
Boeing 747.
This properly proportioned dark/light scheme on Nick Robinson's Super Bandit is very visible against blue or cloudy skies.  It is a well executed machine.
Dan Avilla got the first Bandit ARF's in this Yellow/Red/Black scheme, it has since been challenging to keep them in stock.
Matt West applied the Diamond Back scheme to an Electra and enjoys its performance on 10s power.
Paul and Wendy Bageman are quite a team who support jet flying in Southern California.  Paul flew F-14's in the Navy prior to his airline pilot career and thoroughly enjoys applying his skills to model jets like this Blue Angle BVM F-4.  He Reps for JR and BVM.

The father/son team of Dan and Chad Avilla logged many sorties at Fresno on machines like this Bobcat XL and a superb Shooting Star that won the "Best Scale Flight" award.
The Electic VioFans demonstrated their worthiness in the 100F weather in these Electra's and Fury.  L-R are Matt West, Mark Taylor, Paul Bageman, and
Bob Violett.
Mark Taylor, Matt West, and the Fresno Radio Modelers R/C Club produced this most enjoyable event.  All who attended wish to express our thanks.
Fresno Jets Special Photo

From: Dave Bottita
Sent: Monday, September 21, 2009 3:21 PM
Subject: FW: Fresno

Mr. Violett,
Please find attached a picture of you with my son Jake.  I thought you might like having a copy. Jake has heard of the legend of Bob Violett and was very excited to have a chance to share some sky with you and the picture is just the icing on the cake! It was a highlight of the event for him and he could not wait to get home and tell his mom all about it.

Thanks again for taking the time to pose for the picture and for saying some words of encouragement to him.

Best Regards,
Dave Bottita

This was definitely one of those "Kodak" moments.  Thanks Dave for sharing this with us.