5 - 8 March, 2014

Now on "Paved Paradise" field!
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View from center-looking East

View from center-looking West

Painted runway centerline and edges will be added before the event.

  Located on an expansive plot of ground on the Lakeland Linder Airport in Lakeland, Florida, this 720' X 52' asphalt runway is a welcomed improvement to the traditional Florida Jets event.  Just to check it out, so that we could sincerely encourage jet modelers to attend the 2014 event, the BVM crew packed a few jets in the van on a cloudy, breezy morning for the 1-1/2 hour drive from Winter Springs.

  With the rain threatening and a mild 12mph crosswind, we didn't waste a minute to evaluate the jet worthiness of the runway and surrounding topography.  The runway is smooth, quite long enough with absolutely clear, unencumbered approaches from the East and West.  The East/West orientation is consistent with Central Florida trade winds.  For most days you can expect left hand approaches to land into the wind.  And, because the pilot will be facing North, the sun is always behind us.


Tommy Wood and Bob Violett

Dustin Buescher

Honor's for the first flights from the new runway went to Tommy Wood, then Bob Violett, and then Dustin Buescher.


  The Lakeland Linder Airport Authorities were on hand to observe the jet flight pattern and were pleased to see that our wide flight envelope did not violate populated buildings or other sensitive areas.  So, if you need a break from winter weather and would enjoy some Florida sun and good times with your jet buddies, Mr. Frank Tiano has a great event planned for all of us.

Dustin brought along his Blade 350 QX with Go-Pro camera to expand the points of view.




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