March 6 - 9, 2016
by Bob Violett

  A new FTE event to encourage precision flying of R/C Jet Model Aircraft.

 Organized and directed by Ray Labonte, it is accurate to say that it was a complete success, just ask the competitors and the spectators. It was demanding, but fun to participate, and it will serve to inspire the future of our sport and introduce jet pilots to the disciplines of pattern flying. For the complete story of Red Flag, the numerous classes of competition and all of the scores, see

The photo gallery below shows some of the BVM models and pilots who were part of the inaugural event.

Photo Gallery
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A high placer in the Red Flag event was Boli Muentes with his BVM F-16 PNP with JetCat P-140RXi and flown with a JR 28X Transmitter.


5th Place in Scale Jet at Red Flag


  John Redman flew this JetCat 220 RXi powered Ultra Bandit at Red Flag and many more times during the main event. This new engine has lots of innovative features. See


  Dave and Dave Jr. Malchione flew the BVM Ultra Bandits in the "Team Free Style" event. They live in Kenneth Square, Pa. so practice was slim because of winter weather, but they captured 3rd place anyway. Dave Jr. also did well in the individual Free Style and the Sport Jet categories.

The Fly Navy e Bandit was flown in Red Flag by Rod Snyder.


Bill Cunningham traveled from Tulsa, Oklahoma to compete in Red Flag with this Ultra Bandit with Behotec power. Some custom paint work is evident.

David Ribbe campaigned the BVM PNP YAK-130 in the "Scale Jet" category.

  From R-L are Carlos Silva, Tyler McCormack, and Bob Violett. Trophies for the Red Flag Electric Jet event were awarded in the same order.  All flew e Bandits.  All entrants in this class were BVM "E" Jets.



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