LA Jets 2013
by:  Bob Violett

 The Sepulveda Basin Model Flying site in Van Nuys, California has served R/C flyers since the 70's. From the early days of formula I pylon racing to today's jets, Southern California modelers have been able to enjoy their sport at this beautiful paved facility now titled Apollo XI Flying Field.
  On 10 November there was a gathering of BVM Jets and pilots for this year's LA Jets event.  Ken Simmons, Greg Fullington, Roger Ko, and Steve Dimaio sent along some photos and comments on the occasion.

Photo Gallery
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The BVM Gang
L-R:  David Soufer, Marcos Liu, Ron Derhacopian, Gregg Fullington, Steve Dimaio, Roger Ko, and Mike Arabian


All BVM Jets


Sabre Jet

This BVM 63" Sabre ARF in the Japanese "Blue Impulse" scheme was fielded by Roger Ko.  First flight honors went to Steve Dimaio.  This KingTech K-60g powered Sabre drew lots of positive comments.  Steve said "The Sabre Stole The Show". Six perfect flights and landings.

See BVM New Rep Steve Dimaio - click here


Great MiG Shots
by Ken Simmons

  Roger Ko's EVF 12 powered BVM MiG-15 ARF in the Polish Camo scheme was captured In-Action against the Southern California panorama.


Roger's Fly Navy KingCat


  This "Fly Navy" scheme is available on all BVM sport jets.  It is particularly brilliant on this KingCat in the California sky.

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