A Fun Time with Lots of Flying!

  A pleasant change of weather was welcomed by the BVM Florida guys. It took a 1,038 mile trek to finally cool down.

  Dustin and I flew 8 BVM EVF Jets almost back to back while Kirby Smith cycled the batteries through 4 charging units. Even though it was an all electric jet event, we were encouraged to give a turbine jet demo so we brought along the latest BVM PNP Cougar with JetCat P-100 power. Terry and Sheila Nitsch, along with Kevin Petrillo did a great job arranging the event and tending to all of the pilots' needs including evening meal gatherings.  We lost track of the total number of BVM flights but the photo gallery below shows a few highlights.

Photo Gallery
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Photos by Larry Ingram, Dustin Buescher, and Bob Violett

Our latest E Bandit with EVF ~3~ 12S 9er power was flown at least a dozen times by Dustin. Kirby was very busy keeping the charging station cooking and calling for two pilots.


The event judges awarded Dustin and the E Bandit "The Best Sport Jet" plaque.

Rick Bruce from Ontario, Canada brought his Electra in the "Stricker" scheme. It is EVF 10S powered.



This Air Force Aggressor scheme E Bandit is proudly owned by Dave Bloomer from Plainfield, Indiana and it really scoots with its EVF ~3~ 12S 9er powerplant. Dave and I took turns "calling" for each other.



This Artic scheme T-33 has been flying for several years, first with a small turbine, and now with an EVF ~3~ 12S 9er. It has great visibility characteristics and performs large graceful aerobatic maneuvers.

The original finish was Metal-Kote. It now has some repaired panels in Jet-Metal.

This model is available as an all composite kit, see: BVMJets.com/T-33

A review of these pages shows that even some very early T Birds can be updated with all of the latest parts and instructions.

A turbine powered jet demo was allowed at this "E-Jets" event, so we brought along the latest BVM offering. This PNP Cougar is powered by a JetCat P-100RX and drew lots of attention.

See also BVMJets.com/Cougar


BVM Sabre ARF's were well represented at E-Jets.


Terry's Sabre

Carl Ritch's Sabre

BVM's Demo Sabre
Terry Nitsch commented that the 9er upgrade in his Sabre shows significant performance improvement.

Editor's Note: Because the Sabre has a long narrow inlet duct, it was the primary challenge for the 9er blade design.

The BVM Utah ANG F-86 (EVF ~3~ 12S 9er) was clocked at 169 mph straight and level (no dive) with Dustin at the controls.


We had some 90 crosswinds to deal with occasionally, but the all electric MiG-15 ARF with its wide stance gear, flaps, and speed boards, handled it well. Outside loops and inverted reverse Cuban 8's are part of BV's routine with this EVF ~3~ 12S 9er powered "Parade" scheme MiG.
The BVM A-10 with twin EVF ~3~ 12S 9er powerplants won the "Best Scale Jet" award with BV at the controls. It's always a hit with the spectators. Many former service members were somehow involved with the Warthog during its long term in the USAF and Marine service.


Most model spectators think that this Electra is 12S powered but it has always been our demo model for the EVF 10S. Of course, it now sports a "9er" rotor and really scoots.
A 20 X 40' tent, complete with a 110 volt service panel, was home for BVM jets for the event. Thank you Terry Nitsch!
Sheila always coaches Terry during his expert flying demo's.
Just a few weeks before E-Jets International, Terry continued his winning streak with his EVF ~3~ 14S 9er all electric MiG-15. This time he came out on top at the 2014 "Columbus Scale Classic".


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