Florida International Jet Rally
10th Annual

November 7-9, 2003

In this post 9-11 era, air travel with large model airplanes has become more difficult. Thankfully, this enthusiastic group of Brits has not allowed the extra bit of hassle with the airport security system to put a damper on their hobby enjoyment.

From left to right - Jonathan Smith, Colin Gardener, Geoff White, Luke Barnett, Dave Wilshere, Gordon, Steve Brett, Sheila Woodland, Mike Tipping, Johanna Smith, Roger Parrish, Mark Woodland, Don Woodland, Nick Smith, Jason Fletcher, and Bernie soaked up some Florida sun and lots of Jet A, establishing the truly international flavor of the Lake Wales event.
BVM Jets that transport in our molded fiberglass travel cases are understandably popular with many of this contingent.

We (Tom Dodgen & BV) did some dive bombing with our BVM Bomb prototype and the "EZ-DROP" release mechanisms.
The Super balsa Bandit is powered by a JetCat P-70. The performance of this combination surprised many. With 14 minutes of fuel on board, one can really practice an aerobatic routine multiple times per flight.
The balsa wing and tails are slightly larger (70 sq. in.) and lighter (about 1.5 lbs) than the all composite version offering a lighter loaded jet and at a much reduced price. Click to read more.

Jonathan Smith (right) has attended several FIJR events, this time he takes home a superbly built and finished (by Barry West) BobCat. These photo's show the similarity in paint schemes applied to BV's new Super balsa Bandit and Jonathan's BobCat. High visibility, bright contrasting colors, simple swept lines and graphics are easy on the eyes.


This group is usually busy on the flight line, but the camera man caught them taking a short break. Natalie with dad Francis Pischner and Vern and Larry Kramer make jet modeling a big part of their family enjoyment. They fly BVM jets with AMT USA engines and are proud of it.


John Banner (Lakeland, Florida) is celebrating the 1st anniversary of his Metal-Kote finished Skyblazer BVM F-86 at FIJR. This RAM 500 powered Sabre looks fabulous in the air.


The highlight of the event for me was introducing my grand nephew, 10 year old Patrick Holowesko to the challenging world of R/C jet modeling.
Patrick lives in the Bahamas, but because he has developed an interest in modeling, his mom Nancy brought him to Lake Wales to see the pinnacle of the sport.
Patrick has been doing some computer simulator flying of real aircraft like the family's King Air and will soon receive a Great Planes "Real Flight G2" with the newly available KingCat add-on disc (vol. #5). A future BVM Jet pilot for sure!

Larry Hewitt from Sugarland, Texas came to assist CD's John Burdin and Steve Jaworski as he does every year. This time Larry went home with his Maverick completely built and powered by a FTE 500 thanks to Steve Jaworski.

KingCats at F.I.J.R.

Scott Marr and Joey Tamez made the trek from Texas with a freshly painted KingCat. Red tops, white logos and bottom have become a trademark finish for their BVM sport jets.
David Carter from St. Petersburg, Fl received one of the early KingCats and has been enjoying flying it. His P-120 powered NAVY version flew many times at the event.
Manny Sanchez of Miami converted a go-cart carrier to ease the transport of big jets and equipment like his KingCat, from the pits to the flightline.
From coast-to-coast, you never know when or where Rob Janiger and Jason Somes might show up. The factory demo KingCat was flown consistently by both throughout the event. Lots of support also offered to JetCat turbine users by these Californians. The BVM prototype was flown by many at the event using the JR pilot link system with Jason's assistance.
New turbine waiver holder, Keith Sievers of Jacksonville, Fl prepared his NAVY KingCat and had it trimmed out and going with his JetCat P-120. Keith had it mastered in just a few flights.