Jets Over Kentucky Week
July 8 - 15, 2012

  The largest event in the USA.

   With a 156 registered pilots, this event now ranks number one.  The formula for success is a combination of several factors including: a small town with a large runway, taxi way, storage hanger access, time of the year, decent weather, a township that needs and appreciates the economic impact, and of course, a key person to put it all together.  Lewis Patton is that "key" man.  He assembled a core group of helpers, local municipal services, and caterers.  In just 4 years, Lewis's concept of a jet event focused on the pilot's enjoyment of his hobby, family inclusive, and camaraderie with jet buddies has progressed from concept to becoming number one.
   The BVM team sure appreciates this event, did lots of flying, a little partying and not a scratch on the 11 jets we trailored to Lebanon/Springfield, Ky airport.

Photo Gallery
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  An excellent, excellent example of craftsmanship is this early BVM MiG-15 by Scott Miller.  And, Scott flew it with equivalent skills.  This is Top Gun quality material.
Jonathan and Jo Smith traveled from England to be part of this exceptional event.  They store this BVM Bandit ARF in the Florida to be able to enjoy some sun and fun 3-4 trips per year. The "Bull Pup" missile work is by Larry Kramer.
This Bandit ARF enjoyed many flights by Jake Bottita.  The classic Navy scheme shows well.
BV's grand nephew, Patrick Holowesko, joined us at Kentucky Jets with his "Multi-color" Bandit ARF on JetCat P-80 power.  Patrick is an excellent "stick" at 19 with a brilliant future in this exciting sport.
  Dustin spends much of his time at these jet events helping BVM customers be successful with our products.  He also makes this Sabre ARF on EVF ~3~ 12S power look great in the air.  It hangs in there with most of the turbines.

Jack with Skymaster Cougar

Jack's alltime favorite jet is this BVM F-100

There is hardly anybody who flies more at these events or enjoys the hobby more than Jack Diaz.

  One of the best builder/flyers on the BVM team is Phil Nuza.  His talents shine when he flies this SkyBlazer adorned F-100 D.
Skymaster Hawks were popular at Kentucky Jets.

Scott Harris


Mike McConville

A bunch of Hawks

BVM demo planes
  Ed Ritsko likes this Ultra Bandit so much that he ordered another one.  We have seen this model at many events during the last 4 years and it still looks and flies great.  Ed enjoys adding lights and other details.

  The best F-4 and the best twin scale EVF powered jet at Kentucky was this super detailed example by Rei Gonzalez.  It's performance is unmatched by any other twin EDF scale jet.  We predict it will maintain that reputation.  It's called "Engineering". R.J. and dad make this hobby a family affair.  Rei's MiG-15 ARF is also EVF ~3~ 12S powered.
  This "Spektrum" scheme was a special effort at BVM for a few eBandit enthusiasts.  Pablo Fernandez makes this one look great in the air on the EVF ~3~ 12S and ThunderPower battery performance package.  It's guided now by the latest Spektrum 18X radio.
  Also a Horizon Rep. is Sean Saddler who logged some early flights on the latest "Fly-Navy" Bandit MKII ARF.  We created this scheme honor the 100th year celebration of "Naval Aviation".


Sean's model scoots well with a JetCat P-100 for power.



  BVM F-100's remain popular with these Top Gun builders and pilots.  They demonstrated an almost perfect "Flight of Four" formation routine, a real highlight of the 2012 Kentucky Jet event.
  6 year old Ryan Robertson is already an-accomplished "Heli" pilot and looks forward to being a jet jockey.

BV flew this and 5 other EVF jets to win the Best EDF Award.



  Lewis Patton, the man who makes all of this happen, plays the National Anthem during the opening ceremonies.
Closing Comment:

   The photo and caption guy also flies alot at these events, so I don't always get all of the photos that we would like to publish.  So, if you were there and flew a BVM or Skymaster jet, help us out and send some pictures.  We will include them in addendums to this page.

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