15th Florida International

     Jet Rally

October 30
th - November 2nd,  2008

"The Pilots Jet Rally"

The international flavor of this event continues with the attendance of jet flyers from England, Netherlands, Venezuela, Brazil, and U.S. enthusiasts from as far as California.

The Lake Wales Airport venue offers a huge runway with absolutely no flying restrictions and this year's weather was perfect, even the wind cooperated by obviating any cross component.

BVM flyers dominated the air time as the photo gallery will show.

John Burdin was our gracious host and assured that all of the details of supporting the event were attended to.

Photo Gallery
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Jo and Johnathan Smith make this annual trek from Wiltshire, England to enjoy the sun and fun of flying their BVM Jets.  Their presence enhances the most pleasant and cordial atmosphere of the FIJR.
A couple of "Classic" Bandits with P-120 power and some "Hot Rod" pilots from the U.K. scorched the skies with a most harmonious duo routine.

L-R are Nick Smith, Geoff White, and Mark Woodland.

Ritchie Holt from Davie, Florida has several BVM jets and portrays an excellent piloting routine with his Ultra Bandit.
Marcos Mascia and Franco DalBon from Venezuela joined the fun with a very high performance BobCat.  His favorite BVM jet though is the MiG-15 and he is on the list for the new all composite version.
BV's 80" Camo Sabre was recently converted to JR/DSM 12 channel control and put back into service at FIJR 08.  It garnered the "Best Scale Jet" award.
The Blue Angel Phantom with P-120 power and smoke presents very well in the skilled hands of Dustin Buescher.  The Navy blue and gold paint and white smoke are most brilliant in the back lighting of the late afternoon sun.  BVM recruit, Chris Keene was kept very busy keeping the company machines ready for flight.
The Twin EVF powered Phantom keeps winning awards.  This time it was "Critic's Choice".
Tom Telesca enjoys his BVM BobCat and Bandit at many of the Florida shows.  This outing marked the 224th sortie of the BobCat.  A little T.L.C. pays off.
Another award winning Bandit was this "Super" version by Francis Pichner.
Jason Bauer of Orlando, Florida likes everything about his Bandit ARF including the new Pro-Link struts.  It flies well with P-70 power.
Joey Tamez likes red paint and Super Bandits and he is very skilled at applying both to his airshow routine.  We missed a photo of Scott Marr's Ultra in a similar scheme.
Bennie and Anita Van De Goor of AMT Netherlands also make the FIJR an annual experience.  Their impeccable BobCat with Mercury power has a very simple and affective smoke system derived by Bennie.
Here come the Electric's
This year, we really made them shine with the latest 10 and 12s power systems.
Bob Fiorenze showed his "Red Hot" Electra Jet (from a kit) again at FIJR '08.  Bob is known for his daring high speed, low altitude passes.
Rob Lynch probably logged the most flights with his EVF 5212 driven Electra ARF.  Rob's totally aerobatic routine allows 7 minutes flights and still use less than 80% of the EVO 6400mah "Saddle Cells"TM.
"BVM Sparky" Chuck McClellan got some good help from Ricky Chase showing off the EVF 4010 system.
We applied some vinyl numbers to allow power system identification.  The 4010 is a very sensible way to go for Electra sport flying.  Sparky also introduced the FMA "Cell Pro" 10 chargers at FIJR and is very pleased with its design and performance.
Chris Keene assisted Matt Fehling on many flights of the factory original Electra Jet (from kit).
Dee Miller flies an Ultra Bandit and likes the paint scheme so well that he enlisted the service of Tommy Wood to apply the same to this Electra.  The results are fantastic.
The BVM Field Booth

By the way, the camera guy could use some help!  If you fly BVM Jets and you don't see your photo in the gallery presentations, it's because the camera guy also likes to fly.  So please don't hesitate to present yourself and model when you see me taking photos of others.