Best in the West

by Bob Violett

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          Joey Castaleo organized and sponsored the "Best in the West" 2011 at Buttonwillow CA. The week of September 29th.
   From all participating pilot reports, it was an exceptionally "Fun" event. Unlimited airspace  makes Buttonwillow a favorite
    with California jet pilots. The photos are by BVM rep. Greg Fullington. More photos will be added as they become available.

       David Searles and Lewis Patton with David's Kingcat
Jake and Dave Bottita with Jakes Bandit ARF


Dan Avilla getting ready to fly his F-100.
Ken McSpadden and his Skymaster Viper Jet


Joe Felix and friend show off Joe's Aggressor EVF4010.
Rafael Villeda gives his Navy Ultra Bandit a thumbs up!

Dan Avilla with a Bandit ARF
  Rafael Villeda with his Bandit ARF. Rafael brought 3 BVM planes to the event. All flew flawlessly.




    Jack Diaz enjoyed many flights on a BVM Fury ARF with EVF-12S and thunder power 65C 125 6600 batteries for power. Jack commented how easy the Fury is to land.

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