Central Texas Jet Rally
May 23 - 24, 2009

The Austin Gang are old friends that always put on a great show, low key with lots of flying, friendship, and a whole lot of good food. The weather cooperated most of the weekend. We had a crosswind to deal with a couple of days, but crystal clear blue skies, and that great Texas sunshine made for another good time in Austin.

Narrative by: David Reid

Photo Gallery
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Bob Brubaker has been flying his JetCat powered Bobcat for a couple of years now, he flew many trouble free flights at Austin always with the same smile on his face.
Dawn and Steven Ellzey flew Dawnís Bobcat and Steven's Bandit ARF many flights at the meet. Both the pilots, and the airplanes handled the crosswind conditions with no problems.
Doc Jones has built many BVM Jets over the years, he flew his Bobcat like it was an old friend. Look for an Electra in Docís near future.
Kirk Jenson and Mike Boyce always have an impressive collection of BVM Jets at the meets they attend. They surely impressed us at Austin with a pair of great looking F-86ís and Mikeís P-200 powered Ultra Bandit, along with Kirkís Bandit ARF.
Vernon Montgomery and David Reid brought several BVM Jets including Davidís Electra, and Bobcat XL, Vernonís P-180 powered Ultra Bandit, and F-4 Phantom. The Mississippi Gang comes to fly we got there on Wednesday to great weather and got to put a lot of flights on all the planes.
Buck Garza flew his Skymaster F-4 several flights. Buck is finishing up his time as  Marine Corps F-18 pilot and always has to "One Up" the rest of us with his flying. A touch and go with the F-4 followed by a full stop landing complete with smoking tires was one of the coolest things we got to see. The camera man was a little slow getting pictures and a fast approaching rainstorm sent Buckís Phantom to the trailer for the ride home.
I have been flying the Electra since last September with a 5212 EVF. I put 20 flights on the Electra at Central Texas Jet Rally averaging about 5-5 Ĺ minutes per flight. I fly all of my Jets hard, and the Electra is no exception. The performance of the Electra, and 5212 EVF have been more than I ever imagined. I have been a die hard turbine flier for many years and my trusty old Bobcat got to sit most of the weekend. I managed to win the JPO Top Gun award with the Electra. The Jet dogs, Riley and Teague even think itís ďThe Catís MeowĒ! I passed the transmitter to a couple of my buddies and I think they had as much fun as I did.