March 1-5, 2006

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This event was a huge success.
Five days of perfect Florida weather, a total of 191 registered pilots logged more than 900 flights and pure jet enjoyment for all in attendance.
BVM thanks FTE and staff for making Florida Jets so special.

Photo Gallery
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Vernon Montgomery completes one of his many flights on his P-120 powered KingCat, BVM Rep John Redman lends a hand.

Joe Castelao of California enjoyed the Florida weather with his military KingCat adorned with rivets and weathering.

Patrick Frost gives a thumbs up as his twin Titan powered Rafale cools down.


Dustin Buescher, Patrick Frost, Tim Redelman, Geraldo & Jack Diaz pose with the twin Rafales that they all flew throughout the 5-day event. John Redman also assisted Patrick (not in photo).


Jeff Anderson picked up his freshly finished "Kramer" Super Bandit that is decked out in Bud Light attire. Another wonderful job by the master craftsmen - Vern & Larry Kramer.

The Kramers line up there "Beer Bandits" showcasing there talented paint and finishing skills.
Ad Clark Sr. assisted Jr. as he ripped up the sky with his BobCat XL with smoke.

Jorge Escalona fires up his KingCat assisted by good friend Val Flores.
Johnny Hernandez flew his MiG-15 throughout the event. The black MiG is very distinctive against the blue sky in Johnny's very capable hands.
Jack & Geraldo Diaz were constantly in the air with there super scale Metal Kote'd F-100D.
Wojtek Iwanckzyk of New Jersey won the "Best Graphics" award with his artfully airbrushed BobCat Composite.
Alan Delena of New Jersey exercised his custom painted BobCat Composite throughout the event with JetCat P-70 power.

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