September 22 - 25, 2016

  If the attendance and quality of flying that dominated this great event are reflective of the status of our sport, we are in good shape.

 It is easy to understand why Super Jets South is a favorite with many of the regular participants. The British contingent arrive early and stay an extra week to enjoy the facility and seasonal weather.

From Nick Smith:

 This was a cracking event, with much flying. A strong BVM contingent, with many 'sorties' flown. 'The Brits' enjoyed every minute, taking advantage of the fantastic weather and the even more fantastic GA Jets facility. Our appreciation goes to all involved in the organization of this "super" event, especially Gordon Dickens, Mike Pasco, and Joe Rafalowski.

 As always, flyers received the unrivalled customer support from the BVM Jets team, with parts and tech support on hand. BVM jets in various guises were airborne all weekend, Sport, Scale, EDF, and PNP, testament to the BVM reliability.

This was a first class event, at a first class facility, with many friends. Super!

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Larry Kramer, Jonathan Smith, David Ruskin, Bennie Van de Gor, Joe Rafalowski, and Nick Smith enjoyed these BVM jets.
Joe Rafalowski with his BVM PNP F-16, after another "Hi-Alpha" sortie.


BVM Sport, Scale, and PNP all ready for action at the GA Jets field.

Nick Smith enjoyed many flights at the event with his BVM Bandit ARF powered by a JetCat P-120, with Speed Limiter, for thrust.
David Ruskin produced some solid flights with his BVM Bandit ARF. The JetCat P-90RXI provides the go!
Mark "Woody" Woodland smiles after many successful flights.
Bennie Van de Gor enjoys the thrills of the Ultra Bandit. AMT Netherlands Olympus speeds this Ultra Bandit around the sky.
Nick Smith and Jonathan Smith are engaged in pre-flight chat.
Nick Smith after another flight in the sun.
Event organizers Joe Rafalowski and Gordon Dickens are enjoying the evening social banter!
Gordon's Ultra Bandit is properly set-up for a perfect landing.


The Brits truly enjoy the evening social banter.
Derrick Martin from Carencro, La. showed a new and beautiful Ultra Bandit. Derrick is a very accomplished pilot with real craftsmanship skills. The inside of the model is as perfect as the BVM painted-in-the-mold external finish. Derrick guides it with a JR 28X.
Boli Muentes logged many flights on his BVM Jets including 15 on his 1/5th scale BVM F-16 PNP. The Ultra Bandit is at least 4 years old and he calls it the "Pride of his Fleet".
Brad Hughes added "TERS" (Triple Ejection Racks) and (6) 500# bombs, plus wing tanks to his BVM 1/6th scale F-16. It looks "Mission Ready" and Brad does a great job presenting it.
Anna and Eduardo Esteves travel from Brazil multiple times a year to enjoy special events like Super Jets South. This Skymaster Cougar is meticulous and Eduardo flew it many times at the event. Anna is his spotter and attends to many details. Real team work!
Jimmy Safie from San Salvador is a great BVM product enthusiast and a very good pilot. He flew many impressive flights with his PNP F-16.
It was rare that the sky wasn't busy with BVM F-16's and Greg Arnette was usually in the mix with his 1/5th scale BVM F-16. This one is powered by a KingTech 210G.


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