A view of the flightline and tremendous runway.

Mike Sienierecki came from California with his JetCat powered Bandit.
Nice paint lines!

Professor Moh Ayoub flew his Bandit and Maverick throughout the weekend.

A total of 6 BobCats were present at the 3rd annual event,
it's obvious that the BobCat has been well received by jet pilots.
Look for a lot of these hot items at Superman '02.

Les Morrow did a beautiful job finishing his BobCat, and take a look at the detailed cockpit.
Cockpit details can be a lot of fun, even on a sport jet.

BVM rep John Redman (California) with his MiG-15 and new BobCat.

A different treatment to the canopy lines - what do you think?
Thanks John for helping so many new jet pilots.

Joey Tamez is ready to fly with his BobCat.

Always a smile to go with his talented thumbs.
Jason Somes was able to fly the BVM factory BobCat XL -thanks to the
quick shipment utilizing the BobCat Jet Case!

John Redman and Jason Somes take a breather in between flights to pose with their BobCat XL's.