Illini Super Jets

August 2014

By Dustin Buescher

  This end of August event offers a break from the Florida heat and a chance for me to visit family and friends.  This year my good friend Greg Arnette joined me on my annual venture. Together we brought  6 planes, burned over 35 gallons of jet fuel, and had a great time. Around 40 pilots in attendance make this a very pilot friendly event. We are already making plans for next year's trip.

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Greg Arnette brings home the "Best Military Jet" Award with his BVM 1/5.8 Cougar. Greg trusts a KingTech K-100G in his new favorite.
CD of the event, Chris Huhn thoroughly enjoyed his KingTech powered 1/6th F-16.
Vernon Montgomery is all smiles as he prepares his 1/5th F-86 for
another flight.
F-104's are easy to fly or at least Scott Harris makes it look that way. Scott chooses a KingTech K-180G for power.
Richard Buescher, Dustin's father, got some stick time on the new Cougar. JetCat P-100RX is plenty of power.
Mike McConville showed us some new moves with Richard Buescher's General Dynamics scheme F-16. KingTech K-140G is plenty of push.
Erin Jessewin of Spektrum RC made his first two turbine flights at the event using Spektrum's wireless buddy link.
Steve Ellzey took a ride on Dustin's T-Bird. He was very impressed.
Greg Wright and David Payne caught prepping the F-100 for another flight. An in-the-field swap left this plane powered by a new
KingTech K-140G.
The "Three Amigos" put on several formation "Clinics" with their Hawks. These guys are good or really lucky!

Left to Right: Mike McConville, Pete Goldsmith, Scott Harris

Mike McConville really enjoys his Hawk and it shows. He must have 300 flights on it by now.
Larry Grela from Plainfield, Il took a test ride on Dustin's demo plane. This could make for a great second jet.
BVM Jets from all directions.

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