First-In-Flight 2017
24 - 27 May 2017

  The 150ft wide X 6000ft long runway, located in the Mid Atlantic state of North Carolina, allows easy access to East Coast modelers from New York to Florida. The Memorial Day weekend also allows travel time to the "First in Flight" event.

  Now, in it's 7th year of jet fun, BVM places it high on our list of "must attend" events. We hope you enjoy the photo gallery below.

Bob Violett

Photo Gallery
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  Greg Arnette is fine tuning the BVM PNP prototype big F-18C. Several flights were made at "First In Flight". This big jet will be a future BVM product.
  Greg Arnette has been working with the Mirage F-1 for almost a year. This #1 sample served to improve production models. We lost count of the sortie numbers at "First In Flight".
  Ritchie Holt received one of the first production Mirage F-1's from BVM. He powered it with an EVO 220. Ritchie's flying skills and a powerful smoke system produced some spectacular flights.
  The "Best Military Jet" award was earned by Franko Di Mauro who campaigned this BVM PNP 1/6 scale F-16.

Yes, some F-16's carry "Navy" markings because they are operated by Top Gun pilots at the Navy Fighter Weapons School. Franko guides it with a Spektrum DX18 and powers it with a JetCat P-140. "Superb Thumbs". 

  Don DeSandre traveled from Putnam Valley, NY with several BVM Jets. This "Fly Navy" Bandit ARF looks great in the brilliant sun on the final day of the event.
  Steve Stricker is a superb craftsman and pilot. His Skymaster F-4 and F-14 are undeniable evidence. Steve flew both many times regardless of the cross wind conditions. The F-4 has KingTech 210 power and the F-14 has 2 JetCat 180's.

  This Skymaster F-14 swing wing is the artful work of Steve Stricker. Only a few expert modelers and pilots have made this challenging project work so well. Everybody stops to watch Steve fly it.
  All Cougars fly great! Greg Arnette operated this Skymaster version with a KingTech 210 detuned about 3000 rpm and Spektrum DX18 equipment.  He flew so many jets and still found time to help many other interested pilots to learn more about BVM and other products. Thus - the "Fellowship" Award.

Greg's Cougar features some BVM upgrades (Success Packs).

  Rob Lynch and Bob Violett took turns promoting the BVM PNP Cougar. This 3 year old model is one of the first. Power is by a JetCat P-100.
  There were several Ultra Bandits at the event. These belong to Andy Finizio, Dave McQueeney, Jonathan Smith, and Dave Malchione.
  Sal DiFloria's BVM PNP Cougar is powered by a JetCat P-90. Great Scheme - Great Pilot!
  Patty Generali got to fly the Viper Jet with "Pilot Link" assistance from Franko Di Mauro. The flight line was sparse sometimes because of crosswind. The Viper Jet can be flown with or without winglets. It is a "personal size" jet i.e., it can be handled without a crew.

Ultra Bandits and Pilots

The Machione's, Andy Finizio, and Ed Ritsko

  An unusual but very attractive F-16 paint scheme is this Colorado ANG Minute Man. We have produced just a few. Brandon Stussie from Rocky Mountain, NC is the proud owner.
  Bill Hatcher from Naples, FL does assembly and paint work for some notable jet guys. This is his own BVM PNP Falcon.
  Jeff Stubbs from Salem, VA is enjoying his 2nd season of operating one of the first 1/5 PNP F-16's.
  Tom Telesca has been enjoying this BobCat for several years. The JetCat P-120 that has been detuned a bit gives Tom very reliable performance.
  Scott Harris got some experienced help from Tim Redelman to get this BVM 1/5 PNP F-16 working to perfection. Flight trims, gyro adjustments, C.G. fine tuning, all make jet models easier to fly.
  Dave Malchione shows the Ultra Bandit "In-Action". Other sport jets tried, but they couldn't keep up. This brilliant "Ultra", even with the wing tanks, is very fast!
  High performance BVM EVF powered jets can hold their own in the sky with the turbines. Bob demonstrates this at many events. The eBandit is 16S powered while the MiG-15 is 12S.

See BVMJets/Electric Power for all of the information. Electric power is model field friendly and does not require an AMA Turbine Waiver.


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