Best in the West 2015
14 - 18 October

by: Steve DiMaio

Here are a few picturess from BITW. I would have liked to have gotten more, but I was very busy. I put in 32 flights and not a scratch on anything! Our tent was full of BVM/Skymaster jets and Tim Redelman and I were always in the air! Tim brought home a sport jet award for his beautiful Ultra Bandit. PBS tj-20 powered and I can say first hand that this turbine is awesome!

Photo Gallery
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Tim Redelman with his Ultra Bandit.
Jack Diaz Jr won a scale flight award with his BVM        F-100F. This 2 seater was built and painted by Mark Taylor.


Jeff Lovitt was very happy with his Bandit ARF.


Nice touch on the rudder Jeff.

John Redman just repainted this Rafale and the picture doesn't do it justice. It is well powered with (2) JetCat P-90's and is quite capable on one engine.


Our tent was packed - the EVF 16s eBandit turned some heads.

An awesome formation flight of Cougars!

L-R:  Eric Schellenburger, Pete Goldsmith, Jack Diaz Sr., and Jack Diaz Jr.


I was busy with these two Kingtech powered BVM jets. A K-100G in the Bandit ARF and a K-60G in the BVM Sabre ARF.
Dantley Davis campaigned this Skymaster F-86.


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