2011 Review
by Bob Violett

The photo gallery below offers a glimpse of the BVM participation in this event.  It's tough to get all of the BVM/Skymaster customers to pose with their models, especially when most were so busy preparing their models for flight.  So, if we missed you, please accept our apologies, or better yet, send us a suitable Fl. Jets photo and we will add it to the gallery.
   The 141 registered pilots enjoyed near perfect weather.  Even the brisk wind was down the runway for 3-1/2 days, assisting efforts to take off and land on the grass strip.  BVM debuted the all new MiG-15 ARF with EVF power, the Bandit ARF MK II, and our new EVF ~3~ 12S.
  A big portion of our promotional efforts was dedicated to the latest and greatest Skymaster Jets.  The A-4 SkyHawk and large Sabre were flown many times by Pablo and Dustin.  The A-10 and T-33 were on display and will be flying soon.  It was a major showing of BVM/Skymaster jets in the air and on display.

Photo Gallery
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   The Skymaster SkyHawk performed exceptionally well in the hands of Pablo Fernandez.  Its Jet Central Rhino power is more than enough power for this 34# model.  A standout feature of all of the Skymaster "Pro" series jets is the landing gear, and the A-4's performed flawlessly on the turf runway.

   The Hawk and Goshawk at 1:4.75 scale are also excellent grass-field capable jets.  These examples by Horizon's Team Manager Peter Goldsmith, Vernon Montgomery, and BVM's Dustin were operated many times during the event.  Again, no landing gear issues.  The BVM supplementary parts and instructions packages #PA-SR-6020, PA-SR-6021, PA-SR-6019 add value to your Hawk.

See Skymaster Hawk

  There were 11 BVM Ultra Bandits at Fl. Jets 2011 and of course they also handled the turf well.  Here's a few of them
   Chris Huhn's "Spektrum Special" paint scheme is captured glimmering in the Florida sun.

   Rob Lynch's trademark knife edge pass is executed with perfection the entire length of the field.  This is a 160 powered Ultra that is extra light and extra aerobatic.
   Harley Condra enjoys these events for many reasons.  Flying his Ultra is certainly one of them.
   Raul Lozano from Spain was a star performer with his Mammoth powered Ultra Bandit.  Notice the art work on the fin.
   Horizon guy David Payne helped us demo some models at Fl. Jets.  He flew the Skymaster F-80 with its P-160SX engine. It also handled the turf without incident.
   Jack and Gerardo Diaz flew the BVM 80" Sabre and
F-100.  These models have many years of success behind them.
   A few guest pilots enjoyed the BVM demo Skymaster F-16 in 1:6th scale.  Its P-160 power plant is the ideal size engine. It worked well off the grass surface.

   Some of the 35 flyable demo models were positioned outside of the BVM/Skymaster tents for spectators to view.
   The Skymaster A-10 prototype and BV's personal A-4 were not quite ready to go for the event but made interesting displays.
   Vernon Montgomery's new Skymaster Hawk brings a smile to his face because it flies so good.
   The 5th generation of the Bandit debuted at Fl. Jets as the Bandit ARF MKII.  The basic aero design has been perfect from its inception, we just keep improving "How It's Made" for customer convenience.

   There were several Electra's at the show and Bob Fiorenzie represented them well with his now 3 year old model that was built from a kit.  It is powered with an early EVF 10s unit on 65c ThunderPower batteries.


photo taken at R.C.A.C.F.

   Fio's F-14 with twin EVF 10s power garnered a lot of attention following a demo flight.  The "Swing Wing" works perfectly.  This is a "one of a kind" model since it is no longer manufactured by "Yellow Aircraft".  There are a few kits around, but know that this is a project for only the most experienced modelers.  BVM made some inlet ducts, thrust tubes, and a few formers to help the project along.

   This Skymaster MB339 was flown by Frank Noll. It's a straight wing jet that is appealing.

L-R: Pablo Fernandez, Gary Freeman, Tommy Wood Jr., BV, and Rob Lynch

   BVM Jets supported the noontime air shows with a spot for electric jets and another for turbine powered jets.  We were told that having 9 participants in the turbine show set a Florida Jet record.  All recovered safely.

L-R: Vernon Montgomery, Pablo Fernandez, Peter Goldsmith, Richard Curry, Ali Machinchy, Tim Redelman, BV, David Payne, Dustin Buescher, Dave Ribbe, Chris Huhn, Ritchie Holt, and Rob Lynch
Inside the BVM/Skymaster tents: