by Bob Violett

The Longest Days

With Winamac, Indiana now on Eastern daylight savings time, this event offers unparalleled flight hours for those that really want to maximize their jet flying. At 9:00pm, there was still sufficient light to safely operate from the Winamac Aeromodelers expansive runway.
This theme of "maximum jet flying fun" encouraged attendance by 80 pilots from across the USA and even from England and South America.
Special attractions included a gourmet meal prepared by Francis Pischner and an elaborate Independence Day fireworks display courtesy of Ralph Braun.
For many, this annual event has become a family affair, and for all in attendance, a very special time and place to thoroughly enjoy our friends of mutual sporting interest.


Photo Gallery
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Tim Redelman (event C.D.) managed to squeeze in some flight time when he was not attending to everyone's needs.
Kim and Scott Foster burned over 25 gallons of fuel in 3 days flying their KingCat and BobCat. This father/son duo enjoyed flying all day long and both are using JetCat power and Futaba radios.

Bob Belluomini exercised his BobCat composite with P-70 power. This is Bob's first turbine jet and he has been enjoying it for over a year.

BVM Rep David Reid brought out his tried and true original Bandit with JetCat power to compliment his BVM Phantom.




Frankie Mirandez flew in from Puerto Rico to take advantage of the great facility and long daylight hours with his MiG-15.
Jonathan and Johanna Smith came from England to attend Jets Over the Heartland for their first time. A BVM Jet Case allowed easy transport of the BobCat to the event, and, they already have this event marked for a "must attend" for 2007. Jonathan's BobCat is powered by an AMT Netherlands Mercury and guided by a JR radio.


Bandit ARF Test Pilots

There is nothing better than flying a jet before you purchase one, and for BVM, it's great to get feedback immediately on a new product. Factory pilot Dustin Buescher, utilized the JR "Pilot Link" to allow prospective customers the ability to put the new Bandit ARF through its paces. Over 25 people (not all shown in collage above) flew the aircraft during the event and thanks to Duralite Batteries, over 35 flights were logged with ease. The prototype is powered with a JetCat P-60 and weighs 19lbs dry. Many were amazed at the performance of this model, from the top speed, to holding a solid knife edge across the field. Perhaps the Bandit ARF's strongest asset is the super slow approaches and landings. You just won't find a jet that accomplishes this most important part of the flight better.


John Stotz came from Michigan and flew his custom painted KingCat with JetCat P-120 power. This model is 2 years old now.

Jack Diaz came from Caracas, Venezuela to enjoy the event in its entirety with his F-100D and a very early Bandit, both Titan powered.
Andy Finizio and Tony Masiello of Maryland, logged many flights on this KingCat as they arrived early in the week to enjoy the 800' long paved runway.
Alex Villareal drove from Miami, Florida to fly his KingCat all week long and he powers it with the RTI 2800SE (28+ pounds of thrust) turbine.
The engine and model performed flawlessly for many flights.

Francis Pischner is no stranger to Bandits and all out performance. This year, Francis brought his brand new "Classic Bandit" out for some flight time in the great Indiana weather. He uses an AMT USA AT-180 for power and Futaba radio.
We would like to say thank you Francis, once again, for the gourmet meal that you cooked for everyone on Friday evening at the field, it was delicious!


Patrick Frost is no stranger to "heavy metal" jets and had quite a fleet at Winamac. BVM Rep Rob Lynch assisted Patrick with some flights on his Phantom.

Patrick's latest addition is the TamJets F-18 Super Hornet in the Diamondbacks scheme, complete with all the ordinance.

Patrick Frost and John Redman are all smiles after another sortie with the twin Titan powered Rafale B-O1. John really enjoys showing off what this model is capable of and by the sign of Patrick's thumbs up signal, he's all for it!
Maryland was also well represented by Lee Reightler and David Plaine. David used BVM Metal-Kote II to finish the F-86 (AFS kit) and flew it in a most professional manner. David's dad John (center) approves.
Jorge Escalona is very satisfied with his custom "Kramer" KingCat that he's been enjoying for years.

William Jackson and Scott Harris relax before Scott takes his "SabreCat" up for another flight late in the day.


Scott Harris and B.V. flew their Sabre's together in an impromptu formation flight much to the delight of the pilots and spectators.

David Reid is all smiles after his ride with the Ultra Bandit and JetCat P-180 power. Look for David to be flying his own in the future!

Random Photos


photo by: Marcelino Irwin

photo by: Marcelino Irwin

photo by: Marcelino Irwin