15 to 17 October 2009

Monster Planes is an F.T.E. production at the Lake Wales, FL. Airport that caters to models in the 35# and up range.  There were 8 turbine powered entries this year that included the BVM F-100 and Skymaster F-16 and F-4.  The BVM demo team performed at noon on Saturday showing off our Ultra Bandit and 80" F-86 Sabre with turbine power and then a 3 plane launch of (2) Electras and a Sabre with E.V.F. power plants. Demo pilots were Dustin, Fio, and B.V.

Photo Gallery
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Rich Holt flew this Skymaster F-16 with P-160 power multiple times during the 4 day event.  The Skymaster Falcon's landing gear is very sturdy and could handle the wind. One second before a perfect touch down, Rich Holt has his "Ultra" held in the correct attitude.
Jack and Shani Studnik equipped this Skymaster F-4 with Afterburner lights that are activated with a full throttle mix.
Shani also flew this awesome BVM F-100.  This model is several years old and was the "Jet" hit of the show.
Arnold Marcus doesn't fly jets but he did a great job building and flying this huge Tiger Cat.  At 78, Arnie is a prime example of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and has been my mentor in this regard for 13 years.
Dustin executes a perfect knife edge pass during the airshow.
The yellow wing tanks gives emphasis to this NATO camo scheme BVM 80" Sabre jet.
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Your host and event director Frank Tiano enjoys big WWII models and an occasional jet like this Skymaster Albatross.  An F.T.E. produced event is always worth the time and travel to attend.

The year starts with Florida Jets, then Top Gun, and culminates with Monster Planes.