First-In-Flight 2018
23 - 27 May 2018

Wilson, N.C. Industria Complex and Airport - A perfect flying site.

Hosted by: Larry Lewis and Crew


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Photos by BVM Staff

 Now, in its 23rd season of operation, the Malchione family of Pete, Dave Jr., and Dave Sr. enjoy this classic. It is powered by a KG160 (turned down a bit). The brilliant scheme is that of a Point McGoo QF-4.
The Kenneth Square Pa. family of jet pilots also enjoys this well seasoned Ultra Bandit.
Kwang Ko is Mr. Hobby Hangar in Chantilly Virginia. He campaigned a brand new BVM PNP EVO Bandit with JetCentral Rabbit power.
 It's all thumb's up for this BVM PNP Cougar. The orange and white scheme was applied to Naval Air Training Squadrons like VT-26 in the 60's.

 It is owned and flown by Wes Parris from Southbury, CT. Franco DiMauro assisted on a few sorties. 

Franco is also the owner of House of Power Hobbies (954-380-9395) and is a very active BVM dealer.

This prototype F-18C Hornet is big, but not excessive. Greg Arnette and Rob Lynch take a photo op just after landing.
Dave McQueeney's Ultra Bandit has several seasons of jet meets to its credit. The Thunderbird scheme always shows well on the ground and in flight.
Steve Stricker's Skymaster F-14 in Centennial scheme is quite an accomplishment. Everybody enjoys watching Steve put it through it's paces. Rob Lynch offers expert assistance.
Frank Noll and Rob just landed after a formation flight with these BVM F-16's. Smoke was part of the demonstration. Models are both 1/5th scale.
BVM Rep. Dave Warr from North Carolina assisted Rob during the 24 flights on the new BVM PNP EVO Ultra Bandit. Rob demonstrated the entire flight envelope that this new offering allows. Lower power, lower weight, with extreme vertical performance and slow approaches and landings.
New York jet modeler, Mark Giumole, made a superb effort with this classic Ultra Bandit. The "LeMans" airshow scheme is a favorite.
Scott Gellar, Don DeSandre, and Mike Casey from upstate New York really like this vintage BobCat.
Retired real F-16 pilot Gary Jones, got good advise from BVM Rep. Franco. The General Dynamics prototype scheme always shows well.
Andy Finizio flew his BVM classic Ultra Bandit and logged test flights on his latest - a BVM F-18 Super Hornet.
Tom Telesca has been flying this JetCat powered BobCat for many years. It is still a special model for Tom.
Mark Speedy from Boca Raton, Fl. has gotten a lot of service from this 4 year old BVM Cougar. It replicates carrier based, trans sonic fighter/attack aircraft of the late 1950's..
David Warr is a BVM Rep. from Mint Hill, NC and did a fine job showing off this Singapore scheme BVM 1/6th F-16.
Rob Lynch, Roberto DiMauro and Franco show off the BVM 1/5th scale L-39's just after a great formation demo flight.
Kirby Smith assisted Greg Arnette with the "Greek" scheme 1/5 scale F-16.
Lot's of action for Rob's 1/5 F-16 in Thunderbird livery.
Greg Arnette and Kirby Smith pose with this very large Skymaster Hawk.

The coveted "Right Stuff" trophy was earned by Greg Arnette. He was helping everyone, everywhere on the field.


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