Extreme Jet Flying Fun

September 29 - October 5, 2003

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Pilots representing 30 states (including Hawaii) and 6 other countries thoroughly enjoyed their hobby at the perfect venue in Metropolis, Illinois.
It is significant that a small town with a big runway is willing to close their airport for an entire week to host this 15th annual occurence. Our economic impact justifies their generousity.
A nice addition to the schedule of events was the "Scale Hour" at 11am on Friday and Saturday. It was appreciated by spectators and the participating pilots.
This "reduced risk of mid-air" period allowed the pilots of contest capable scale jets to fly with only one or two other similarly precious models. A total of 10 jets were flown and the exercise consumed only 45 minutes.
Jerry Caudle, his family and crew did a great job of administration, crowd control and safety to afford all of us a most organized and enjoyable event.

Photo Gallery
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There were 5 KingCats at Superman '03, all very fresh out of the molds. David Reid and Vernon Montgomery received their (plain white) ARF's 2 weeks before and managed to get them together, apply these great looking camo paint schemes, gear them up and then log about 30 flights each at the show.

These members of the "Mississippi Gang" also designed this KingCat squadron badge.

BVM is honored to have David Reid join our field representative program. David is very qualified and has been instrumental in helping many modelers with their first jet.


Joe Grice received his painted-in-the-mold KingCat about 10 days prior. This AMT powered version flew many times during the event. He was generous with the transmitter allowing other pilots to get some KingCat stick time.
Joe also won the "best take home doggie of the year". "Lois Lane" now resides on Joe's 80 acre farm in Minnesota - lucky dog - lucky jet modeler.


The "Best Twin" trophy was awarded to Jack Diaz flying the BVM Rafale with twin JetCat P-160's. Sixty eight pounds of thrust rocket propel this 52 pound (with fuel) model in to the air so rapidly it would feel similar to a catapult shot if one were sitting in it.
The BVM Rafale is the only twin jet kit that has consistently proven itself worthy of this acceleration and sustained 200+ mph speeds. It is "Engineered For Success". Jack has hundreds of flights on this 4 year old model.
It is a chore just to keep this combo of pilot and machine supplied with enough fuel.


BVM Sabre jets were also popular at Superman '03. This one taxing out for take-off belongs to Tony Masiello.


"Best Craftsmanship" was awarded to Rich Fong for his now 3 year old F-100D that is highly detailed and finished in Coverite Presto. This BVM "Hun" logged several flights during the event and was featured in the Scale Hour.
Rich made the long trip from California with Dan Avilla.


Dan Avilla's "Hun" was a favorite with many because of its Hi-Viz, Artic paint scheme. Also finished with "Presto", the contrast of the bright red paint looked awesome in the sun.
This is truly a Top Gun quality aircraft that Dan enjoys sport flying. An AMT AT-280 powers it nicely.
Dan deservingly received the Pilots Choice and Best Scale Jet awards for this spectacular model.



Lee DeMary traveled from Denver, Colorado to enjoy the event with his JetCat powered BVM MiG-15. Lee made some beautiful landings with this proven machine. The MiG is strictly for good model builders like Lee, but oh, they fly so smoothly!


I found this Super Bandit of Ray Labonte's very interesting. Pressed for time to get it ready for the event, Ray applied all of the color trim with computer cut vinyl stick-on material over a white base. Quite sufficient and practicle for a sport jet. Ray and friends Dave Skillings, Tom Chaboah and Steven Faust traveled from Maine to enjoy the event.


The BVM pit area was very busy, we brought 12 factory demo models and flew them all multiple times. Certainly not all of them everyday, but several each day and consumed about 90 gallons of fuel during the week.


Rick Fusco and Fiance Brenda enjoyed Super Week together with this BVM F-16 with Viojett/BVM .91 power. The engine worked flawlessly for numerous flights.


Gus is back! And we are glad that he has again found the time to enjoy jet modeling. Hudson's beautiful BobCat was built and painted by Bob Covish and is powered by a JetCat P-120.

The main feature of the scale hour was the "Flight of the Four Phantoms". Preparing to launch are Craig Gottschang, Mike Lesher, Tim Redelman, and David Reid. Powered by a mix of AMT's and JetCats the Phantom flyers thrilled the crowd and all returned home safely.

A gaggle of 5 BobCats chased each other around the cloudy sky late Saturday after the day's official events had ended. Lots of excitement for those who stayed to see it. Pilots are L to R - Dustin Buescher, Tom Dodgen, David Reid, Larry Kramer, and Paul Lott.

BV's F-100F Top Gun winning model, was also flown during the Scale Hour's on Friday and Saturday and then towed to the Hangar area for a photo session.
This is a serious piece of machinery with AMT Olympus power and features a Metal-Kote finish.

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