2012 Review
by Bob Violett

Florida Jets is a popular event because it is the first on the calendar for the eastern half of the USA and there is a lot of pent up energy to travel to sunny Florida and fly jet model airplanes.  131 pilots signed up to fly and by the looks of the extremely busy flight line, most of them did.  A March event, almost anywhere in the USA, is subject to disruptive winds.  The crosswind got a bit challenging on Saturday afternoon but the BVM gang hung in there until the wind peaked at about 30 mph.  The subsequent "Down Time" was put to good use at the BVM pavilion with a seminar on our all electric jet products featuring the EVF power systems, ThunderPower batteries, and FMA chargers.  The EVF powered jets can now be operated "All Electric" with the FL Jets debut of our Electric Retracts and E-Brake.
  BVM's enthusiasm for this event was validated by our professional displays and 19 flyable BVM and Skymaster jets.  It required 3 large trailers and a 26' Penske truck to transport the models, displays, and support equipment.

The grass runway is still "a work in progress" and is supposed to be wider and more flat for next year.  A wider runway is necessary to allow pilots more leeway in a crosswind condition.

As I have mentioned before in these pages, it is a challenge to be a demo pilot and primary photo guy.  We can use some help.  If you were at Florida Jets with a BVM jet, please send a photo to modelers@bvmjets.com so we can add it to the photo gallery.

Photo Gallery
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BVM Electra's were the most popular E-Jets at the event and worked quite well off the less than perfect grass runway.  Here are some examples.

R.J. Gonzalez with his custom paint scheme an on all white Electra ARF with EVF 10s power.  Many successful flights were accomplished at Florida Jets 2012.

Tommy Wood with an Electra (kit version) and custom VF84 "Jolly Rogers" paint scheme with EVF 12s power.

Frankie Mirandes with his "All Electric" Electra ARF and custom paint by Tommy Wood.

"All Electric" means EVF power, BVM E-Blue Retracts and doors.  The E-Brake is optional on an Electra and not required on a grassfield.

BV's new "All Electric" Electra X prototype. More on this "Red Hot Racer" soon!
This Electra kit version by Bob Fiorenze is now 5 years old and still powered by an early 10s EVF.
  There were 5 BVM MiG-15's at Florida Jets 2012, belonging to Rei Gonzalez, Harold Little, Ali Machinchy, Pablo Fernandez, and BV.  Shown below are:

Pablo Fernandez Ali Machinchy
Horizon's David Payne showed their new mini MiG

  Pablo and Ali orchestrated a very impressive formation routine with these (2) EVF ~3~ 12S powered "Parade" scheme MiG's.  These red jets show up well against any sky condition.

Rei Gonzalez is a real BVM electric jet enthusiast.  Besides an E MiG-15 and an E-Bandit, Rei built and painted this fabulous BVM Phantom that has twin EVF ~3~ 12S thrusters.
Under wing external stores and opening canopies, along with excellent skin details will score well at Top Gun 2012.
Lot's of power allows the F-4 to operate from the turf field.
Following the tank drop maneuver, the Phantom wizzes by on a high speed pass.
Here's Rei, BV, and Tommy Wood with the pair of BVM F-4's that won "Best Electric Jet" and "Best Electric Jet Performance" awards at Florida Jets.
BVM Bandits and Ultra Bandits were also very popular at Florida Jets 2012.
BV challenged the wind several times with this "All Electric" E-Bandit.  The EVF ~3~ 12S provides 165mph passes and excellent vertical maneuvers.  Energy management is the key to a 7 minute aerobatic flight profile.  Deduct 1 minute for grassfield operations.

Mark Woodland, Nick Smith, and Tony Stevens exercised this Bandit multiple times while also assisting Larry Kramer and his collection of BVM jets.
Cesar Quero traveled from Venezuela to enjoy Florida Jets with this Bandit ARF. Many successful flights.


This Red/White/Blue #3 scheme Ultra Bandit is proudly displayed by Andrew Bird.  Many flights logged at Florida Jets.
Ritchie Holt's "Ultra" (one of his two Ultra Bandit's) is about to lift off from the turf runway at Paradise Field.
This "Ultra" sports the "Lemans" scheme with the standard fin option.  Jordon Factor provides the skillful guidance.
The BVM demo "Ultra" now has the single seat option and was guest flown by Polo Ruiz with Dustin assisting.  The flight characteristics seem unchanged from the original 2 seat version.
Rich Curry requested a special extra brilliant orange when we built his Ultra Bandit.  BVM obliged, acquired the paint and adapted it to our paint-in-the-mold process.  All are pleased with the results. This Ultra Bandit is powered by Jet Central Mammoth.
Venezuela's Jack Diaz stores his F-100 and 80" F-86 at BVM, so when he visits events like Florida Jets and Top Gun, he dusts them off, performs extensive system checks and flies them many times each day.  Son Gerardo traveled from California to share the stick time.
  Two views of a jet parking area in front of the BVM pavilion.  These scale jets were easy to access, fuel, charge, etc. and then cart to the flight line.
  The new Skymaster F9-F Cougar debuted at Florida Jets 2012 and won the "Best Scale Jet Performance" award.  Dustin really likes flying this JetCat P-180RX powered scale jet.  BVM has a supplementary instruction and parts package that compliments the Skymaster product.  A strong point of the Skymaster jets is their rugged landing gear and we proved it on the less than perfect turf field.
  There were numerous Skymaster Hawks at the event and they also did well on the grass.  Pablo makes this one shine in the air with Jet Central "Rhino" power.
  Vernon Montgomery's stable includes this Skymaster F-86 and BVM F-100.
BobCats and KingCats are always present at jet events.  Darren French from the UK enjoyed his at Florida Jets.
There are several paint schemes available for BobCats.  This Orange/Yellow/Blue was also Rick Chase's preference.  Rick enjoys his P-80 powered BobCat usually at the Markham Park Field in Fort Lauderdale, Fl.
Greg Foushi's Skymaster A-10 presents well as a large twin turbine scale jet.  The JetCat P-80SE's have been absolutely reliable.

Greg Wright traveled from Naperville, Indiana to help BVM prepare for FL Jets and fly his F-100.  The Skyblazer scheme and Flite Metal finish were brilliant against the Florida sky.  Greg flame treated .005" Titanium skins and applied them to the aft fuse for an absolutely authentic F-100 "Hot Section".  This hun is powered by a JetCat P-160 and logged many flights at the event.
From: Marco Mascia
Sent: Tuesday, March 20, 2012 8:26 PM
To: Heather (BVMJets)
Cc: patty
Subject: Photos My Skymaster BAE Hawk

Hi Patty

   This is my Skymaster Hawk, which I flew in Florida Jets, with turbine Jet Cat 160 SX and Radio Jr 12X. It is an excellent model.


Best Regards
 Marco Mascia

By far, the most professional display at Florida Jets 2012 was by BVM.  These photos are testimony of our commitment to the event and our customers.  Thanks to our employees and friends who make all of this happen.



Photos from F.T.E.

Dustin giving interview to model press Skymaster Cougar on final
Andrew Bird's Ultra Bandit Rei Gonzalez Phantom
Bill Culberson's Skymaster F-80 Skymaster Warthog by Greg Foushi

BVM Sabre by Jack Diaz


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