March 5-8, 2009

A superb event with absolutely perfect weather.

The attendance was up from previous years demonstrating that as bad as the economy is supposed to be, jet modelers are very serious about their sport.  The eight flight stations were active all day, every day, and not a hitch with the 2.4 Ghz radios.

Event director Frank Tiano said that next year's event will probably require 2.4 Ghz radios only.  There are so few 72 Mhz flyers remaining that manning an impound is not practical.

For BVM and our reps, it was the introduction of our recent "Team-Up" with RC International to promote the Skymaster products.

Our Thanks to F.T.E. and his staff for providing this opportunity for jet customers and jet oriented business concerns to get together.

Make your vacation plans now for Florida Jets 2010
March 3 - 7
It is what we do!

Photo Gallery
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Rob Lynch was getting 8+ minute flights on his Electra ARF with the latest Thunder Power "Pro Power" 40c batteries.  A throttle-to-throttle mix and Rob's superior flying skills deliver a very aerobatic and entertaining routine.

You'll have to ask Rob about the custom painted straight fin on his All American Electra ARF.

Skymaster F-4's were popular at FL Jets '09.  Here a Blue Angel version from the R.C.I. group taxies out for one of many flights by Dave Presta.
Ultra Bandits were also numerous and frequently airborne in the absolutely perfect weather conditions.
Skymaster's new MiG 29 enjoys a very wide envelope of performance as demonstrated by Jason Somes and Ali Machinchy and is proving to be a popular product.  The landing gear makes this machine.  A vectored nozzle system is available.
The BVM F-80 Shooting Star is now powered with an EVF 5212 and the latest 40c LiPo technology from Thunder Power.  The F-80 kit for EVF Power is recently available with all new lighter weight components and extremely detailed instruction manual and plans - a scale jet builders dream project!

With an all up weight of 17.5 lbs. (with the Misawa tip tanks), huge loops are just part of a flight routine.

Skymaster offers the F-16 in both 1/8 and 1/6 scale ARF formats.  The larger version in Thunderbird Livery was flown by Dustin Buescher and Kenny Falconer with perfect results.  The scale landing gear, defines the difference from other similar products.
Rob Lynch was assisted by Chris Keene in exercising the BVM Camo Sabre.  Kit built jets still have appeal to those hobbyists that enjoy building.  BVM's absolute completeness, parts fit, and thorough instructions allow "builders" to truly enjoy their hobby.
Patty Generali was totally busy in the BVM Booth but did get to the flight line on this occasion to call for Dustin.
Walt Larson was enjoying his Bandit ARF right to the end of the 4 day event.
BVM "Sparky" Chuck McClellan was very helpful to all of the EVF customers and kept our E stuff ready to fly.  Sparky did manage a few flights on his most impressive EVF 4010 powered Electra, built from the kit version.

Dusty and Jessica announced their engagement at the Friday night party.  Congratulations from all of us!

Some of the Skymaster Jets on display

MiG 29

Playboy Phantom

T-38 and Viper