It is quite a road trip from Orlando, Florida to Winamac, Indiana.  But the annual 1100 mile trek for the BVM team is worth while, both as a business venture and visiting with friends of like interests.

    The '08 event drew 76 entries.  The six flight stations were busy from early dawn to dusk during the 4 days, allowing all participants plenty of opportunity to fly.  The Winamac Aero Modeler's Club field was designed primarily for jet flying and we are privileged to enjoy it.

Photo Gallery

Jack Diaz's F-86 won expert class in Top Gun '07.  He flew it many times at this sporting event.
Frankie Mirandes converted this 12 year old Maverick to EVF 5012 power and logged countless flights at Winamac.


Nice colors and trim lines adorn David Ribbe's new Ultra Bandit.  First flights were posted at Jets Over The Heartland with a JetCat P-180 pushing it along quite well.
Mary and Chris Trump traveled from Quebec, Canada to enjoy the flying and friendship.  This BVM .96 powered Aggressor III and Balsa Bandit have made several of these trips and are signature representatives of Chris's craftsmanship.

Emily, the puppy enjoyed the show as well.


KingCats and Bobcats are favorites with the Scott and Kim Foster team.  They show them well.
Richie Holt is busy with his Bandit ARF.  He is relatively new to turbine flying and has enjoyed good council from Rob Lynch.


Rob received the events Top Gun Award for his 60+ flights during the 4 days of flying.  Some of them were with the BVM demo "Ultra".
Rob Lynch, Robbie Rich, and Richie Holt take a moment to pose with Robbie's Bandit ARF.


This Classic Bandit in a weathered Camo scheme was originally owned by Eric Meyers.  Now Mike Sieniarecki guides it with a new JR/DSM 12X Radio.  Great Pilot - Great Model - Great Radio.
David Plaine and brother John came from Bel Air, Maryland to assist the BVM effort.  Navy Hi-Viz paint schemes are popular on BVM Jets, this one with P-70 power was flown impressively and very smoothly by David.  Bandit ARF and Camo Electra's show in the background.


Jack George, Toni Matyi, and Scott Bonomo hale from New Jersey and look great with Jack's Bandit ARF.  Jack sent along a few words:

"Hi Bob, just a short note to let you know what a pleasure it was to meet you at the Winamac event.  Thank you for taking time to look over my Bandit ARF/P-70 installation.  I love the way it flies, lands, the instructions, fit, and finish are the best in the market.  It is absolutely my favorite jet!  Thanks for taking pictures of my jet at the event."


Vernon Montgomery wasn't available at photo time but here are his 80" BVM Sabre and Ultra Bandit.  Charter members of the "Mississippi Gang", David Reid and Vernon always have a good time at the "Heartland" gathering.


Tim Redelman took a moment to pose with his "Fabulous Phantom" with JetCat Titan power and JR guidance.  This is a real show stopper.  Tim and Tracy really put their hearts into the Heartland event which is why so many of us ( 76 this year ) travel so far to enjoy it.
Sean and Sherry Saddler from Celina, Ohio make this Bandit look good, both here and in flight.

Our British friends Johnathan and Jo Smith enjoy a summer vacation annually at Winamac.  They keep a few models in the states like this Bandit and a Bobcat to attend this and the Lake Wales, Florida events.
Jeff White (from England) helped Francis Pichner with the maiden flight on this new "Kramer Painted" Super Bandit.  See also Bandit Hotshots.


The "Hun's" had one flight together with pilots BV and Jack Diaz.  BV's orange striped prototype is now in its 9th year.  Jack's red and white striped has quite a "Top Gun" pedigree.  Both have JetCat P-120 engines.
Electra Jets were plentiful at this '08 event.  Robbie Rich flew this EVF 5012 version often, many times in formation with a duplicate Camo flown by Rob Lynch.


This EVF 6416 is a rocket in flight.  David and Kim Payne display it well. 
Your photographer got a few flights in on this EVF 4010 powered Sabre Jet.

Some good news for Sabre enthusiasts coming soon!