September 26 - 30, 2018

The Georgia Jets Club annually shares their beautiful flying facility with jet enthusiasts. Participants traveled from multiple foreign countries to enjoy their hobby.

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  The EVO Bandit is a recent offering by BVM. This sample was successfully maidened at the event. Nick Smith from the UK assisted David Ruskin who described the model as the best Bandit he ever owned.
  Another new and exciting BVM Jet is this 1:5 F-18C Hornet. It is powered by (2) JetCentral "Cheetah's". BVM Reps, Rob Lynch, Greg Arnette, and Kirby Smith helped Boli Muentes get the model perfect for the maiden flights.
 Andy Andrews has a lot of air miles on this classic Ultra Bandit. Vernon Montgomery assisted as his "caller" on this venture.
 The EVO Ultra Bandit is a medium performance, very aerobatic PNP sport jet. Rob Lynch really shows it well with its 160 class engine. Inverted, flaps down, "High Alpha" flight is a great airshow maneuver. Guest rides were available.
 This 1:5th size BVM F-16 PNP was flown by Glen Sheppard from Nashville, Tn. The Indiana ANG scheme is popular. It is easy to see.
 Our gracious host for the event was Gordon Dickens. His Ultra Bandit is another classic.
 Greg Arnette added a few HiViz panels to the wing tip tanks on his L-39. It's a popular BVM PNP jet in 1:5 scale.
  Chris Jackson from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida uses a Behotec 220 to power his Mirage F-1 that sports a Normandy scheme. Andy Andrews powers his Mirage with a KingTech 210. Both models are high performance. Andy's model wears an early version "Normandy" scheme.
 Jimmy Safie's 1:5th PNP F-16 in Texas ANG Livery got approval from Rod Snyder after a flight.
 A Classic Ultra Bandit in the 35th Anniversary scheme allowed Rod Snyder to really enjoy the Georgia event. Lot's of airtime!
 Bob Rembert from South Florida assisted Rob Lynch with the BVM demo 1:5th scale L-39 in the "Breitling" scheme. We have noticed that the bright aluminum print on the nose really sparkles in the sun.
 Scott Harris does an awesome job showing the performance of this 1:4th scale PNP YAK 130. Two KingTech 120's provide more than enough push. One engine out capability has been demonstrated.
 Scaled at 1:7.75, this F-18 Hornet is powered by a JetCat 180.  Andy Warner for Alabama presents it well.
 The "Brits" have attended the Georgia Jets event every year since its' inception.

 Nick Smith, Mark Woodland, David Ruskin, Joanna and Jonathan Smith pose with this fleet of BVM sport jets.

  Robert Zelaya and Franco DiMauro took a break from the flying activities to show us their favorite BVM Jets. The Texas Air National Guard 1/5th scale BVM F-16 and the BVM 1/5th F-18C.


  Twin JetCentral Cheetah's power Boli Muentes' BVM F-18C. It has demonstrated single engine performance and is certainly a great looking model.
 Todd Pehle and Paul Clark pose with this Arkansas Air National Guard 1/5th F-16. The orange Fin helps with visual orientation.





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