August 11-14, 2016

Hello BVM,

 I happened to attend the jet event this past weekend in Champaign IL. It was great to see Greg, Dustin and Kirby demo some of your new products. I know Dustin also took some photos but thought you might like some additional ones. Looking forward to visiting your showroom around the first weekend in October.

All the best,
Bret Becker

Photo Gallery
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  Greg Arnette makes a perfect landing with the prototype Mirage F-1. Plans are underway to have this available as a BVM PNP jet.


  A close up view of the F-1 and Greg's 1/5th scale F-16. He logged a lot of flights with this one at the Champaign event.


  Tim Len made the 18+ hour trip from Orlando, Fl. to show off his very successful Skymaster A-4 Skyhawk.


  Greg's latest is this BVM L-39 PNP. Notice the HiViz panels on the Wing Tip Tanks. Powered by a KingTech 160, turned down a bit, some prominent guest pilots got some stick time on it.


  The BVM Super Bandit is owned and flown by Jim Hewston. The paint job was done by Paul.


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