Top Gun 2007
by Bob Violett

BVM Jets did extremely well - again!

High winds were not a factor this year. Instead, we had unseasonably warm temperatures. Asked which they preferred? Most of the pilots would opt for the high temps.
Competition flying commands that you fly when your time slot dictates - there is no waiting for calm winds or fair temperatures. That is just part of what it takes to be a Top Gun pilot. The pace of the activities at a "Frank Tiano" event is anything but boring, but competitive pilots thrive on the challenges.

An International Event

Competitors were invited from Australia, Thailand, Austria, Germany, England, Canada, Italy, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela and the USA. The prestige associated with flying in "Top Gun" makes "The Invitation" a valued article.

A Spectators Delight

The popularity of the Pro-Am category, the noontime air shows and the extreme variety of the models flown at Top Gun '07 afforded a modeling enthusiast a most comprehensive overview of the state-of-the-art.
After 5 days of perfect weather, the awards ceremony was cut short and the customary runway staged photos of the winners with their trophies and models was curtailed because of an impending frontal storm.

Places won by BVM Jets

1st place - Jack Diaz - BVM F-86
2nd place - Bob Violett - BVM F-86
5th place - Dustin Buescher - BVM F-86
12th place - Joe Rafalowski - BVM F-100D
15th place - Steve Unze - BVM F-4 Phantom

Team Scale
1st place - Steve Elias/Ian Richardson - BVM F-86
16th place - Paul Bageman/Mark Taylor - BVM F-100D

1st place - David Ribbe - BVM MiG-15

Pro-Am (sportsman)
4th place - Marcos Mascia - BVM MiG-15

Pro-Am (Pro)
4th place - Tom Dodgen - BVM MiG-15
10th place - Geraldo Diaz - BVM F-100D
17th place - Frank Tiano - BVM Electric F-86

22nd place - Joey Tamez - BVM F-100D

Special Recognition Awards
Best Jet - Graeme Mears - BVM Canadair F-86 Sabre
Best Cockpit - Ian Richardson- BVM F-86 Sabre
Masters High Static - David Ribbe - BVM MiG-15
Expert High Static - Jack Diaz - BVM F-86 Sabre
Grey Eagle Award - Bob Violett
Top Buns - Geraldo Diaz

Mr. Top Gun
David Ribbe - BVM MiG-15

Mr. Top Gun is awarded to the highest scoring competitor from either the Expert or Masters categories.

Photo Gallery
(photo's by BVM)

Steve Elias and Ian Richardson of England won the Team Scale class with Ian's extremely detailed F-86 Sabre covered in Flite-Metal and powered by an AMT Netherlands Pegasus HP turbine.



Jack Diaz won 1st place in the Expert class this year with his Metal-Kote'd BVM F-86 Sabre Jet. Jack's model looked great and his flying earned him the top position. Congratulations Jack!

The Sabre "clean wing" following the tank drop maneuver.

David Ribbe took home the prestigious "Mr. Top Gun" trophy along with 1st place in the Masters class. David is the designer of the BVM MiG-15 and used a JR10X radio and JetCat P-70 for power.
Steve Unze's new, highly detailed BVM F-4 Phantom and finished in 15th place. This was Steve's first year with this model. It had a few "new model" mechanical issues that were worked out during the event. The weathered grey finish was very realistic. Operating tail hook and drogue shoot were a few of the Rhino's special features.
Joe Rafalowski of Fayetteville, Georgia flew the "Red Dorks" F-100D to 12th place. Joe used Flite-Metal covering and Pro-Mark Graphics with a JetCat Titan for power and guided with a JR radio.

Dustin Buescher flew his Skyblazer Sabre to 5th place in the Expert class. His flight scores averaged just over 96 points per flight! Dustin's F-86 uses a JetCat P-120 for power and the JR10X radio. A few more static details and this combination will be hard to beat.
Dustin will be competing in the World Jet Masters in Northern Ireland this summer.






The Skyblazer at the perfect angle of attack for landing. Notice the centerline.


Bob Violett competed in the Expert class and finished in 2nd place. Bob flies with a JR10X (mode 1) and used the new JetCat P-120 SE for power.
BV appreciates the new, almost instantaneous throttle response of the SE engines.





Frank Tiano interviews BV for a SKS Video production of Top Gun '07. If you missed the show, this video will be available soon.