Monster Planes
October 13-15, 2011

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 These pilots and their BVM/ Skymaster jets were a significant part of the crowd pleasing Monster Planes show on October 15th 2011.We flew all of the jets multiple times in cross winds that grounded many of the other models. A mix of Jet Central and Jet Cat engines were used in these models.
  Pilots left to right: Luis Ontiveros, Greg Foushi, RJ Gonzalez, Chris Keene, Dustin Buescher, and Pablo Fernandez.
  BV took the photo

  Jets left to right: Skymaster T-45, Skymaster A-10, BVM F-86, Skymaster T-45, BVM King Cat, and the BVM Ultra


This F-100 D was flown multiple times by Shani Studnik at Monster Planes.


I had the honor of meeting and chatting with one of aviation's heroes, Howie Keefe of Miss America P-51 fame.
Howie autographed a copy of his book  "Galloping on Wings," a great read for military aviation and air racing buffs.


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