US Scale Masters Qualifier 2016
Reported by:  Steve DiMaio




 This weekend the Woodland-Davis Club hosted the US Scale Masters qualifier. The final will be held at WDA in the fall. The Pro-Am pro class was dominated by BVM products.

 Jack Geraldo Diaz took first place with the Skymaster Cougar, Steve DiMaio took 2nd place with the K60 powered BVM Sabre ARF and Anthony DiMaio took 3rd with the EVF powered BVM Fury ARF. The top 3 were separated by just 2.5 points total between 1st and 3rd. All scores in the mid 90s for the top three. Leaving the remaining 10 flyers in the class in the dust.

 Michael Murphy took first easily in the Pro-Am sport class flying expertly to an average well over 90 for all rounds. Flying his BVM PNP Cougar K100 powered.

 Finally Jack Geraldo Diaz took first in expert in his beautifully dialed in BVM F-100.

Steve DiMaio



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