Jet Rally in the Valley
Lodi, California

November 7 - 9, 2014

By Steve DiMaio

  I came with an eBandit (Rogers back up :) and 4 sets of batteries. The Dinogy 7700s performed great! I cleaned up with 2 awards including "Best Electric Jet" Great time! 15 flights in a day and a half of flying. People were so impressed with the eBandit performance, I have been flying slower knife edges and slower passes still on a line. Really letting the eBandit shine for 6 minutes! Tons of compliments. May have to upgrade the fan to the new "9er" rotor to then show the ultimate top end performance!

Steve D.

Photo Gallery

Steve DiMaio with the eBandit
Eric Schellenberger with EVF 12S powered Electra.
Darren Braun Bandit ARF with JetCat P120
Joe Riechlin KingCat with JetCat P-180
'Some great In-Action shots of Roger's eBandit!

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