Joe Nall 2011
by: Bob Violett

   With 977 registered pilots, this 2011 event must be the largest of its kind in the model airplane world.  Every type of R/C model airplane was on display and flying at one of the 5 "Type Specific" sites plus late hour fun with micro models at the 450 acre Triple Tree facility.  As has been our practice for many years, BVM demonstrated the state-of-the-art of jet powered models.  The interest in turbine vs. electric powered jets seemed to be evenly split at Joe Nall.  BVM shows the best of both and helps modelers decide what may be best for them and their "at home" flying sites.
   There were some 2.4 frequency saturation issues at this event.  All of BVM's JR/Spektrum equipped jets worked flawlessly.  We applied our air show experience and did not push the envelope of safety.  We avoided low passes at extreme distance from the controlling transmitter and used speed limiter devices on our high performance turbine powered models.  It's just common sense and responsible behavior that all jet pilots should practice.  The grass runway was perfect because our gracious host Pat Hartness wants it that way.

Photo Gallery
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   BVM has always been invited to perform at the Joe Nall noontime airshow.  Here are the pilots and assistants for
the 2011 event. Dustin Buescher flew the Ultra Bandit, David Ribbe flew the Skymaster F-16, Pablo Fernandez flew the Skymaster Skyhawk, Gary Freeman and R.J. Gonzalez assisted the pilots and BV flew the eMiG.
   An impromptu, but very entertaining "Hawk" threesome was performed by Thomas Singer, Dustin Buescher, and Ali Machinchy.  These 3 superior jet pilots kept their models in near perfect formation.  The spectators surely thought they had practiced the routine.
   The Spektrum Ultra Bandit by Chris Huhn was guided by the new DSMX "Frequency Agile" system.  This system was developed specifically to operate in a dense 2.4 environment.  Horizon tested its capability with 100 competing transmitters prior to its ultimate challenge at Joe Nall.
   The BVM Sabre ARF in "Utah ANG" livery taxis back from an EVF demo flight.  We like the ThunderPower 6600mAh 65c packs for this model.  They allow a good
power-to-weight ratio and 6 minute flights.
   We heard a lot of compliments about Vernon Montgomery's F-100 flights.  There are other F-100 offerings in the market, but none can match the BVM "Hun" for the serious scale modeler.
  These samples of Skymaster scale jets (and the F-80 not shown here) were flown often by Pablo Fernandez and David Ribbe.  The grass runway at Joe Nall is "grass done right"  and offered no landing gear challenges.
  The eBandit on EVF ~3~ 12s power and the Camo Electra on EVF ~2~ 10s power were featured several times in the busy skies at Joe Nall.  "E" flights were timed for 6 minutes to allow a go-around if necessary.
   Ed Ritsko's Ultra was exercised at its second Joe Nall appearance.  It has many special effect details of lights and cockpit goodies.

   Ed's baby girl Ella shows her approval of Dad's work and Peanut the jet puppy.