September 27 - October 2, 2005

by Bob Violett


After the FAA forced the cancellation of Super Jet Week, and with only a few weeks to prepare for the event, the Georgia Jets members did a fabulous job of hosting 55 pilots, crews, and planes.
Located about 40 miles south of Atlanta on 220 acres in what is now, almost wilderness, this Gordon Dickens owned and developed property is a perfect venue for model jet activity.
The smooth asphalt runway is 70 ft wide, 1,000 ft long and its East/West orientation suits the prevailing winds, and, since the traffic pattern is North of the runway, the sun is never an issue.
As a result of these perfect conditions (and weather), hundreds of sorties were flown with only 2 mishaps during 4 days.
The BVM crew thoroughly enjoyed the event and look forward to another scheduled affair in the future.
Our sincere thanks to the Georgia Jets members who made all of the pilots feel so welcome.

There was a mix of scale and sport jets. Scott Harris' "Dennis the Menace" F-86 certainly deserved the "Best Scale Performance". It features a Metal-Kote II finish and lots of documented detail.

Craig Gottschang's BVM Rafale with single Olympus power won the Pilots Choice award. It is now in its 2nd season and is expertly piloted by Craig. The object on top of the main hatch is a miniature video camera.
The sport jet flying was highlighted by a group gaggle of 8 KingCats and BobCats chasing each other at the upper end of the speed envelope. All landed safely after thoroughly entertaining the spectators. Pilots were Tom Dodgen, Dustin Buescher, Jose Guzman, Joe Rafalowski, Gordon Dickens, Mike Lesher, Eric Meyers and Mike Altis.



Frank Tiano had a successful maiden flight on his colorful Red Bull MiG-15. Frank will publish a review in Fly R/C magazine of this A.F.S. kit. It flew quite well on a PST 600R turbine.
Art Azlin flies 2 Mavericks, this one is D.F. powered, assisted by Robert Dangerfield and the other utilizes a Gary Mueller (Jet-Tech) turbine conversion.

Only 4 weeks after open heart surgery, Tom Dodgen joined us for the trip and got back in the air with this JetCat P-60 powered BobCat and the F-18 Super Hornet. Peanut did not cooperate for the photo.

Here, Tom was calling for Eric Meyers who enjoyed numerous flights on his KingCat and a guest ride on the Hornet. Eric will host the upcoming jet gathering at Triple Tree - click here.


Dustin Buescher had very positive comments about the flying characteristics of the BVM MiG-15. This was his first opportunity to fly the P-70 powered factory demo model. It's hard to say enough about how well the BVM MiG flies and ground handles.




Another beautifully built and painted jet from the Kramers. This winner is now owned by Jim Jensen.
Mike Lesher is a Blue Angel's fan, and the ever popular scheme was artfully applied to his KingCat. First flights were very successful. Here's a guy that truly enjoys this sport and the comraderie that goes with it.
The Super balsa Bandit with JetCat P-70 power was exercised at least a dozen times at this event by David and Dustin. Here David shows part of the reason why he was voted Top Gun. This 5 ft high, knife edge pass digitally captured by Craig Gottschang was about 3 feet higher than his usual.
Bandits are known for their extended knife edge capabilities with no cross control required.
A larger 2-seater version dubbed the "Ultra Bandit" was first shown (but not yet flown) at Atlanta. It is an all composite painted-in-the-mold ARF, 100% built in our Florida factory. The initial reception seems very positive. It is 98" long with a 85" wingspan and intended for the larger engines. More info soon.
Jason Bauer from Orlando, FL joined the fun with his RAM 500 BVM 60" Sabre jet. The power is just right for the airframe.
Even though Gordon was very busy making sure all went smoothly, he did find the time to fly his jets. This Jerry Caudle built BVM 80" Sabre in Boeing chase plane markings is one of his favorites.
Georgia Jets member Mike Altis is all smiles following one of his many flights with his P-120 powered KingCat throughout the event.
Daniel Hemming is really enjoying his P-70 powered BobCat with the Tamjets Smoke System. He logged many flights and also served as a flight line coordinator at Super Jets South.
This veteran F-4 with P-120 power and Tamjets smoke system provides a crowd pleasing demo in the hands of Dustin Buescher.
The KingCat is now available in a bright red and yellow scheme. A few are available at this writing.
Oops! SOLD, we will have some more soon.
The BVM booth was graciously hosted by Patty Generali and the jet pups. Here, Patty further spoils "Peanut".