Top Gun 2006
by Bob Violett

Experiencing the ultimate scale challenge

We enjoyed mild temperatures and sunny Florida skies, but unrelenting howling winds (mostly cross) for five days, making this year's Top Gun Invitational a formidable challenge.
The ever increasing flying skills of most of the competitors allowed them to counter nature's intervention.
Our 17 years of participation in this most prestigious event has spurred BVM to produce scale and sport jets and their landing gear systems that can take the pounding.
There were 19 BVM jets entered in the 5 categories of competition at Top Gun this year and 16 of them placed within the top 10.

This success is due to the BVM pilots and helpers properly preparing the models prior to the event and then using every opportunity in between the Pro-Am rounds to practice fly during the first few days at the Lakeland Airport facility.
We even flew our competition models prior to static judging.
We are very proud of, and grateful to, the builders and pilots of the 19 BVM jets that participated in Top Gun '06. These modelers earned their Top Gun invitation through past performance. The final tally of placement confirms that most will return next year.
Congratulations to the BVM Jets builders and flyers.


2nd place - Jack Diaz - BVM F-86
4th place - Terry Nitsch - BVM F-100F
6th place - Scott Harris - BVM F-86
7th place - Dustin Buescher - BVM F-86

10th place - Tim Redelman - BVM F-4 Phantom
11th place - Rod Snyder - BVM F-100D
12th place - Steve Unze - BVM MiG-15

Team Scale
1st place - Paul Bageman/Mark Taylor - BVM F-100D
16th place - Gordon Dickens/Jerry Caudle- BVM F-86

1st place - Bob Violett - BVM F-86 Sabre
2nd place - David Ribbe - BVM MiG-15

Pro-Am (sportsman)
1st place - Joey Tamez - BVM F-4 Phantom

Pro-Am (Pro)
2nd place - Geraldo Diaz - BVM F-100D
4th place - Kent Nogy - BVM F-100D
5th place - Tom Dodgen - BVM MiG-15
9th place - Frankie Mirandes - BVM MiG-15
12th place - Scott Marr - BVM F-100D

Special Recognition Awards
Best Jet Performance - Jack Diaz - BVM F-86 Sabre
Highest Total Flight Score - Bob Violett - BVM F-86 Sabre
Top Buns - Dustin Buescher

Mr. Top Gun
Bob Violett - BVM F-86 Sabre

Mr. Top Gun is awarded to the highest scoring competitor from either the Expert or Masters categories.

Photo Gallery

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Mark Taylor & Paul Bageman won Team Scale with their Flite-Metal'd F-100D using AMT Netherlands Pegasus power and a JR radio.
Mark Taylor and Steve Unze apply the final touches to their models prior to static judging on Friday morning. They both used the BVM Jet Case to transport the models from California to Florida.
Frankie Mirandez of Puerto Rico flew his MiG-15 in Pro-Am also utilizing a BVM Jet Case. A RAM 750F is installed for power along with a JR radio.
Jack Diaz, 2nd in Expert Class with his F-86 and Geraldo Diaz, 2nd in Pro-Am with the F-100D, both JetCat powered and guided by JR radios.

MiG-15 designer, David Ribbe won 2nd place in the Master's class. JetCat P-70 powered and guided by a JR10X. David pushed the "chief" (as he refers to B.V.) pretty hard.


Tim Redelman flew his F-4 Phantom for its 3rd and final year in Top Gun, finishing 10th in the Expert class. A JetCat Titan is installed for power and a JR10X is his choice of radio.
Rod Snyder (kneeling) prepares for another round of competition and is assisted by Scott Harris (standing). A JetCat P-120 is used for power, radio is JR.
Mr. Top Bun's (ask Top Gun Hussies for explanation), Dustin Buescher also placed 7th with his exquisite Flite Metal finished Skyblazer.
Scott Marr and Joey Tamez of Dallas, Texas carry back Scott's Flite-Metal'd F-100D from another round of competition. This was their first time at Top Gun and both enjoyed the experience. Scott's F-100 was powered with a JetCat Titan.
Joey Tamez - 1st place Pro-Am (Sportsman division) with his black bunny F-4 Phantom. Joey used a JetCat Titan for power and a JR radio. This was Joey's first of many future Top Guns.



Kent Nogy with the 6-year old BVM F-100D prototype model finished in 4th place in the Pro-Am class. The model is powered by a JetCat P-120 and utilizes a JR10X radio.
The Hun's did very well in the gusty wind conditions.

Tom Dodgen with the Polish marked MiG-15 finished in 5th place in the Pro-Am class. JetCat P-70 - JR radio.
Terry and Shiela Nitsch with their famed F-100F finished 4th place in the Expert class. Power is supplied by AMT USA AT-450 and of course, Terry flies JR.

Prior to each round, the pilot must show any mechanical options that are being used (in place of a maneuver). Here, Bob shows the judges the landing gear. To receive maximum points for this option, the Sabre gear doors must cycle and fit perfectly.

The judges stand up for the takeoff to be certain to see it without obstruction. Here, the model rotates perfectly in front of them as desired.

What's this doing here? It's a Sea Fury that won 4th place in Team Scale for Brian O'Meara (pilot) and Bruno Mary (builder) and it is beautifully finished with BVM's Metal-Kote II.
Pretty Patty with her dad, Masters class winner and Mr. Top Gun '06.

JetCat P-120 power, JR radio, Metal-Kote II finish.