by Bob Violett

Friends & Flying

91 Jet Pilots from England, Venezuela, Nassau, Bahamas and many USA states made this 13th Annual event truly International.
Even an unseasonable but persistent crosswind did not dampen the spirits of the pilots. Jet pilots are getting more experienced every year and are capable of handling nature's adversities.
The city of Lake Wales and its airport provide a welcoming venue, and, organizer John Burdin makes this annual event a most pleasant experience. We look forward to it every November.

Bennie Van de Goor of AMT Netherlands enjoyed the Florida sun and flying with his custom painted Mercury powered BobCat Composite. He has many satisfied customers in the USA and made the trip in support there of.

The original F-100D was back in action at FIJR after a minor incident at Super-Man.
BVM Rep Nick Smith (England) enjoys his trips to Florida and flying this gorgeous "Kramer" painted KingCat. Not a scratch on this JetCat powered beauty after the 4-day event.


Fellow Brit, Steve Predeaux won "Best Sport Jet" with a Super Bandit in a paint scheme of his own design. This was Steve's first FIJR attendance. He is quite an accomplished modeler and pilot.
Another British super pilot, Geoff White and his brilliant Super Bandit dazzled us with his flying skills and this Pegasus powered rocket.

Bandit ARF's were on display at F.I.J.R.


Rob Lynch assisted 12-year old Robert Rich who logged many show stopping flights with this "Multi-color" scheme version featuring JetCat P-70 power.


This yellow/red/blue version, also P-70 powered, was very visible on multiple knife edge passes in the steady hands of Dustin Buescher.


Da Milkman



The newest turbine waivered pilot, 12 year old Patrick Holowesko was signed off by demonstrating his skills to Tom Dodgen on the NAVY scheme P-60 powered Bandit ARF.

We know it was a jet meet, but since Patrick traveled with his dad from Nassau, we wanted him to show off his 3D flying skills with a "BVM Props" 2x2 Edge 540 (DA 50 power). It was the end of the day as the sunset indicates and Patrick just happens to be BV's grand nephew.
Our pals from Venezuela, Gerlado and Jack Diaz, showed just how good and F-100 is in strong crosswinds. They even won 3 awards for their most consistent and precision flying. A JetCat Titan propels this BVM Metal-Kote II finished replica.

Under the Tents
Vern, Larry and Bennie discuss the fine points of the KingCat.
Robert Underwood is very proud of his "Kramer" enhanced BobCat composite.
Go Buzzzz!!!
Jose Guzman enjoys fussing over this desert camo MiG-15.
Francis Pischner is very pleased with his Classic Bandit in a vibrant "Kramer" scheme. The masking was done by Tommy Woods and clearcoat by the Kramer's.
Got Grouper?

Pretty and pleasant Kathleen Turner is a very nice addition to the "Kramer" team. Larry's smile says it all.

John Burdin presented many quality plaques and trophies. Here are some of the recipients.
Jack Diaz accepts one of his 3 awards.
Francis accepts the plaque for Best Graphics.
Rob Lynch (BVM Rep south Florida) received the Best Sport Jet award and probably logged the most number of flights.