November 18-20, 2011
By: Bob Violett

Having fun with our friends and showing off our jets and flying skills are the reasons that most of us pack all that stuff into our vehicles and hit the road.  Since BVM resides in Florida, to do this with less than a 4 hour drive was a welcomed opportunity.  The Markham Park Jet Rally has been affectionally nick named "Pablo Jets" for good reasons.
Some participants traveled from England, Canada, New York, and Illinois because they knew that Pablo would produce an enjoyable event with a few social amenities.
Dustin, RJ, and I arrived Thursday afternoon in time to get a few flights each.  The weather was perfect.  A first-of-the-season frontal passage caused a total blow-out on Friday so we visited the new hobbyshop in town, "House of Power" with proprietors Rob Lynch and Vern Pain welcoming us.  It is a well organized, well equipped model airplane establishment greatly enhanced with Rob's vast knowledge of our sport and friendly mannerism.
The wind subsided a bit on Saturday so we flew non-stop.  Dustin assisted with many first flights on Skymaster and BVM Jets.  RJ maidened his Electra and I flew our Ultra Bandit, MiG-15, E-Bandit, and the latest EVF 10s demo Electra for a total of nine flights.  Time to take photos was limited but here they are.

Photo Gallery

Ali Machinchy is now proud owner of this Joe Grice Flight Metal finished KingCat.  Ali traveled from England to enjoy the event.
Event organizer and director Pablo Fernandez loves his EVF ~3~ 12s powered BVM MiG-15 ARF and he puts on a very impressive show with it.
This Viper II (Xtreme Jets) was powered with a Cheetah is enjoyed by Manny Sanchez of Miami, Fl.
Richie Holt owns two Ultra Bandits because it is convened they are the absolute best sport jet.  Richie is very proficient at flying them too.
Rei Gonzales has the best performance scale twin EDF jet around now.  Soon to receive its scale paint and details, this duel EVF ~3~ 12s powered jet will be a top contender at Top Gun 2012.  Centerline Drop Tank and droque chute add to the flight realism score.
This BVM E-MiG and E-Bandit are also a part of Rei stable.
The BVM demo MiG-15 just landed as the sky threatened again late Saturday.
Waiting to be flown, BVM and Skymaster jets dominated the flying at Markham Park.
Jose Martinez from Miami Springs Florida loves EDF flying.  This Electra seems to be his favorite.
Tommy Wood resurrected an early Ultra Viper project and put alot of custom work into it to make it go very fast on an EVF ~3~ 12s system.  Tommy's Electra was built from an early kit version and it too is a racer with this classic Jolly Roger Navy scheme.
RJ Gonzales Jr. got some assistance from Tommy Wood for the first flight on this Electra ARF.  Some vinyl trim got this all white Electra airborne.  A custom paint scheme may happen later.  RJ is busy with school for now.
This Cheetah powered Bandit ARF us a very high performance machine.  Lots of throttle management required to not exceed the 200 mph limit.  Ali assisted Rich Curry on several flights at the end of Saturdays flying.

This happy group are customer and friends of "House of Power" hobby shop that helped to sponsor the event.  If your travels bring you to Ft. Lauderdale area, drop in and visit Rob and Vern.

House of Power phone # (954) 385-5656


From: Boli
To: Bob Violett
Sent: Thursday, January 05, 2012 8:27 PM
Subject: Markham Park Christmas Fun Fly pics...

  Hi Bob,

  I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Years. I was sent some pics a few days ago taken at Markham Park last month at the Christmas Fun Fly.  Anne (my wife) and the baby (Marley) came down to watch and hang out.  Marley just loves watching the jets fly, so maybe one day soon I will be ordering a pink BobCat. Take care and see you at Florida Jets...

Boli Muentes

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