First-In-Flight 2014
21 - 24 May
Wilson, North Carolina

by Bob Violett

  Clear skies, a little wind, and non-stop flying marked the 5th annual First-In-Flight jet event.  Our ten hour drive is always rewarded when we arrive at this "Jet Perfect" Air Industrial Park in Wilson, N.C.
  A huge 150 ft wide runway, wide open and totally unobstructive flying area, and a warm welcome from event organizers Robert Vess, Larry Lewis, and their team of volunteers makes the First-In-Flight one of our favorite on the road flying ventures each year.  90 pilots traveled from Canada, Florida, Ohio, and parts in between to enjoy this most challenging and rewarding hobby.  The following photo gallery features some of the BVM and Skymaster products that were very active at the show.

Photo Gallery
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  The Best Scale jet performance trophy was awarded to Dustin Buescher for his many flights with the BVM F-16. The ThunderBird scheme shows well against the North Carolina skies.  All landings were dead on centerline.
Len McIntosh from Freeport, NY enjoyed multiple sorties with his BobCat.
This fleet of BVM EJets belongs to Harold Little from Marshville NC.  He flew all of them multiple times - not a scratch even in the sometimes challenging crosswinds.
Harold's EVF 10S powered Electra in the Red/White/Silver scheme (#8) is one of our favorites too.
David McQueeney was the first to order an Ultra Bandit in the ThunderBird scheme.  Its successful first flights were accomplished at Wilson.  All control surfaces trimmed neutral as is S.O.P. for this BVM Flagship.
Ernie Duarte from Tallahassee, FL adopted a Mark I wing to this early Bandit.  After adjusting the C.G. a bit, he logged many flights on it at the event.  Ernie is really enjoying this sport because of his success with BVM Jets and assistance he has received in getting started.  Harley Condra was instrumental.

eBandits were proving that they can hang with the turbine powered version in the skies over Wilson NC.  Mike Pasco added a centerline tank and pylon to his EVF 12S powered model and commented about the positive affect on knife edge flight.  Mike and I had the opportunity to fly the eBandit's together.  Formation flying jet model airplanes is an extreme challenge but also extremely gratifying.  * Wish Mike and I had more opportunities to practice.
Joe Rafalowski helped Andy Finizio warm-up this gorgeous BVM F-100F model.  The new red wing tanks really add to its presence in the NC skies.

Some Scale Details


Andy also likes to fly his Navy HiViz BVM Bandit MKI on KingTec K-100G power.

The StarFighter parking ramp was just in front of the BVM tent.  Dustin and Peter flew these most impressive Skymaster pointy nose jets several times each.  They have them working perfectly. See BVM/F-104
  Greg Wright is really making the jet event rounds this year.  'Seen again at First in Flight with his BVM 84" Golden Hawks Sabre and his most recent F-100D.  That's "Sizzlin Susie" for nose art on this Vietnam era "Hun". Superb detail and craftsmanship.  Both models are JetCat powered.
The husband and wife team Mike and Cheryl Lesher traveled from Lebanon, PA to campaign this Skymaster F-104 and A-10 shown here.  The F-4 presents well and handles crosswinds extremely well.

  We think that this is a one-of-a-kind Navy "Red Hawk" scheme on Chris Woycke's Skymaster 1:4.5 Hawk.
Scott Harris and Chris flew these Hawks in a really nice formation presentation.  These medium speed, super stable Hawks are a good subject for that kind of flying.
Rusty Bardin from the Atlanta group exercised this BobCat multiple times enjoying his First-In-Flight 2014 experience.

  So far, this Electra X is a "One-Off" sample of a very high performance E-Jet.  It can chase down, scoot by, and out climb most of the turbine powered jets seen at Wilson.  It's power system is a BVM EVF ~3~ 12S "9er" with ThunderPower 70C 7700mAh batteries.

Photo Gallery Continued

Scott Harris had support from his mom Mary while preparing this now famous BVM Sabre.  It has many top scale awards to its credit.

 A-10 size comparison of the JetCat powered A-10 flown by Kwang Ko from Hobby Hanger in Chantilly, Va. and the 89" all electric A-10 flown by Bob Violett.

Mike Lesher gets encouragement from wife Cheryl and Joe Rafalowski while he prepares to fire-up his Skymaster A-10. 

Peter Goldsmith was very busy at "First In Flight" with these beautiful examples of Skymaster Jets.

The Skymaster 1:4-3/4 Hawks are great flying jets that go together well with the BVM Success Packs and require little maintenance.  That's why Charlie Lasley from Walnut Cove, N.C. is so happy with his and he flies it well.
Ali Machinchy just installed the "9er" upgrade for his EVF 12S powered MiG-15, BV is observing the performance and new quieter sound.
Fresh from Top Gun 2014, BV's all electric F-80 Shooting Star with the new Jet-Metal enhanced panels was flown only during the Saturday "Military Scale Hour". Scale competition models deserve a little extra protection from possible mid-air or ground accidents.
Note:  We always miss some good photo ops at these major events because the photographers are also busy flying.  If you can help us in this regard, we would like to share with our viewers. This applies to all jet events.

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