12 O'Clock High

Lakeland, Florida

October 2018

By: Bob Violett

Near perfect weather at this outstanding facility was enjoyed by scale enthusiasts. Warbirds, civilian aircraft, and jets were flown by about 50 participants. The photo gallery depicts BVM's contribution.

Photo Gallery

 Dillon Lynch assisted his father Rob to put on a very impressive series of worm burner flights and earn the F.T.E. "Steel Balls" award. We lost count of the number of flights, but there were many.


 Chris Jackson campaigned the BVM PNP Mirage F-1. The complex, but very functional landing gear system compliments the "Normandy" scheme. A "Behotec" 220 provides the thrust.

The 1/5th scale BVM F-16 is seen in numbers at many jet events. These examples were active flyers at 12 O'Clock High.

John Rosier and Javier Rodriguez pose with a Thunderbird scheme example, and Salvadore Becherano displays his "Zeus" Greek scheme version.

Keeping with the trend, Eduardo Esteves enjoyed the event with this KingTech 210 powered Israeli version.
The "Russian Parade" scheme shows well at any event. It's what may be called "Brilliant". The MiG-15's wide landing gear stance allows safe landings even in gusty crosswind conditions.

Power is provided by a BVM 12S EVF and guidance by a Specktrum 18X


 The host of 12 O'Clock High, Florida Jets, Red Flag, and Top Gun is Frank Tiano. He had good company in his golf cart. "Luca" a new jet puppy, helped keep things moving along.


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