September 28 - October 1, 2017

 The Georgia Jet's Club has one of the nicest facilities in the country and BVM is pleased to participate in this annual event.

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Joseph Brooks from Atlanta, Ga with his EBandit in the Fly Navy color scheme. Joseph assembled it himself and enlisted the help of Rob Lynch for the first flight. Zero trim was needed and he is a happy customer.
Tom Son acquired this KingCat from Mike Pasco. He used it to get his turbine waiver signatures at the event. He had help from a few guys in the club.
Jimmy Safie flew in from El Salvador to enjoy some flying with friends. Andy Hau helped Jimmy show off his BVM PNP L-39.
Jim Martin loves his F-18 and flew it very well many times. He is a very active Rep. for BVM and a very competent jet pilot.
Doug Clemens ripped up the sky with his Bandit ARF. He looks like he was having a great time.
Patty Generali was on the sticks with Franco's help. Rob Lynch was there to spot for them while flying a PNP Viper.



Boli Muentes with his BVM F-16 1:6 PNP and Ultra Bandit.  Boli logged about 30 flights and had a blast. We are very proud to have him on the BVM team.

Patty and Michael Generali pose with Boli's F-16.
John Trautwein from Griffin, Georgia with his BobCat XL.
This has become on of Rob Lynch's favorites. The L-39 is a great airframe. Fast or slow it performs well.
BVM Bandits are a favorite of the U.K. group that always enjoy Super Jets South.


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