Jets Over The Heartland
June 21-28, 2009

When jet enthusiast's travel from Austria, Venezuela, and Miami, Florida to this small town in mid Indiana, there must be something magical about this event.  Perhaps it's the perfect layout of the runway, pit area, tent area, motor home parking, viewer grandstands, and hangers to store your models in at night.  Perhaps it's the gracious personalities of the Winamac Aero Modelers who host this annual affair.  The fact the Winamac is located on the western edge of the Eastern Time Zone allowing the 63 entrees to fly until 9:30pm maybe another contribution.  Actually, it is probably all of the above and many other incidentals that make the "Jets Over The Heartland" a true "Jet Pilots Event".

Photo Gallery
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Enrico Traby utilized a BVM "Jet Case" to bring his EVF 5612 Electra from Hausmannstaette, Austria.  Rico enjoyed a week of flying at Winamac logging dozens of flights from the picture perfect model jet facility. Rico's Electra was one of 18 BVM Electra jets at the event.
Nobody logs as many sorties or gets longer flight times than Rob Lynch shown here with his "straight fin" Electra on EVF 5612 power.  Rob used a white, straight fin to apply the wavy stripes for excellent cosmetic and flying results.


Rick and Ricky Chase from Sunrise, Florida enjoyed the week long event with this Bobcat and a Bandit ARF.
The magical attraction of "Jets Over The Heartland", entices Jack Diaz to travel from Caracas, Venezuela.  This year, it was a family affair with son, Geraldo and grandson, Santiago helping to fly this F-86, F-100, and a very old Bandit.

F-100 pilots Phil Nuza, Geraldo and Jack, and Vernon Montgomery participated in the "Jet War Bird" airshow.

David Reid extols the benefits of electric jet flying between his many duo flights with David Payne and his Electra.

(see ARF)

Jon Stotz of Rockford, Michigan is a very accomplished builder, painter and pilot and thoroughly enjoys this sport.  This P-60 powered Sabre and EVF powered Electra were his primary subjects of this year's event.
This Skymaster F-16 on JetCat P-180 propulsion is the work of Martin Charbonneau from Canada and was in the air constantly.  Another "Tiger Meet" Falcon with P-160 power was campaigned by Rob Lynch.
The Model Aviation Jet Column guy, Jim Hiller presents a very interesting energy management flight routine with this aged Bobcat and a BVM T-33.
With only 2 years into this sport, Jeff Prosise is hooked on jets.  This Bandit ARF and a Bobcat, both on P-70 power have served his thirst for jet flying well.
Another Bandit ARF happy customer is Jeff Anderson of St. Charles, IL.  His enthusiasm for jet flying is evident in this smile of approval.
A young jet pilot with a bright future is Rob Rich from Plantation, FL.  He tried to wear out this Bandit ARF on JetCat power logging dozens of air show worthy flights.
If you saw one of these "Huns" in the air, close behind was the other.  Vernon Montgomery and Phil Nuza cycled a lot of Jet A through these two P-160 powered fighters from the 60's.
Clearly, one of Ralf Braun's favorite jets is this Mibo A-10 Wart Hog on Twin P-120 power.  Here, Tim Redelman gets it airborne before handing the controls to Ralf.
The US Navy flew some T-33's in the Reserve units and this attractive replica is the work of David Payne with P-70 power. It is very impressive in the air.  David built the 2-holer Shooting Star from the BVM A.F.S. kit.
Terry Nitsch excels in his every model jet endeavor.  This Electra and Bandit ARF are his latest examples of craftsmanship, artwork, and piloting skills.  The models demand close inspection.

Electra art is painted on, while that art on the Bandit was provided by ProMark using stick-on vinyl that can wrap around the fuse curvature.

The Skymaster L-39 Albatros is getting popular.  Dustin and B.V. flew the Red and White Checkered Tail version. 

BVM and R.C.I. offer a supplemental instruction and parts package that enhances this ARF. 

This Classic Bandit received a complete do-over by Scott Harris.  You might recognize the scheme as that of an Ultra Bandit,  It really looks great in the air.
By special request, we ordered this "Navy Trainer" Bandit ARF for Tim Redelman.  Tim demonstrates the JetCat P-70 engine is a perfect match.
Al Taylor enjoyed his motor home, his puppies, and this Bandit ARF and an Electra during the week long event.  Al is instrumental in helping things happen, behind the scenes of course.
Bob Belluomini has been very active in EDF's from their inception.  His alignment with the Electra and the Electric VioFan is a significant statement.  Bob also opted to modify his Electra ARF with a "Straight Fin" and flew it dozens of times at Winamac.

The absolute simplicity, convenience, and reliability of the BVM electric jet package is being discovered by many jet modelers.

Jack Diaz bummed a ride on Pete Goldsmith's Skymaster F-16 in "Dutch TEAMWORK" livery.  Every one who flies the Skymaster F-16 likes it, especially the slow, high alpha characteristics.
Sheri and Sean Saddler took a moment to pose with their Electra "T".  It is quite well powered by a Wren 44, very light and fuel efficient.
Michael Barczak got some first flight help from Dustin guaranteeing the success of his EVF powered Electra.  Many flights followed.
Chris Huhn and David Ribbe were the last to arrive for the event but brought with them two very serious examples of the ultimate sport jet.  Chris's was a factory painted-in-the-mold Spektrum promotion vehicle while David painted his own.  Both are powered by big JetCats and pleasing to watch in the hands of two great pilots.
Lone Eagle stands guard as Patrick Grindstaff shows off BV's latest favorite, the EVF 5612 powered F-80 Shooting Star.  This and the new Sabre ARF are perfect scale subjects for EVF power.  Low drag and efficient wings along with scale gear doors and properly designed inlet ducts contribute.
Gerry Kerr Sr. and Jim Hiller showed this early Bobcat well with multiple trips to the flight line.
BVM rep. Phil Nuza displayed his superb building and flying skills with this brilliant Skyblazer F-100D.  It worked flawlessly during dozens of flights at Winamac.
Dick Buescher got help from son Dustin and Carolina on the first flights of his EVF 4010 powered Electra ARF.
Flight Line Activity
photos by Chris Keene