June 28 - July 1, 2012
by Bob Violett

   This is a very important event for the BVM team.  Our products dominate the Indiana skies because of the efforts of several BVM and Horizon Reps that have helped many newbies get into jets with BVM products.  Tim Redelmen, David Ribbe, Chris Huhn, David Payne, and Greg Wright have been helping others at this meet for 16 years.  Annual trips to Winamac by Dustin and I are also important and thoroughly enjoyed.  Because Winamac is on western edge of the eastern USA time zone, we can fly very late in the evening.  The sun is low and behind us, the heat of the day has dissipated and there is a light breeze down the runway.  It just doesn't get any better for enthusiastic jet pilots.

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   All of this model airplane enjoyment and facility is credited to Ralf Braun who so quietly and graciously makes it all happen in Winamac, Indiana.


   Jon Stotz owns many BVM jets. This eBandit on EVF~3~ 12S power is his latest.  Tim Redelman also got some stick time on it early in the event.


   This is a nice comparison of the US Air Force and Navy Camo schemes available on BVM eBandits.  Both have good in-the-air visibility traits due to the contrast of light and dark colors.


   Mike Grady is pleased with the first flights on his EVF ~3~ 12S powered MiG-15.  The model features the speed brake and scale main strut options and many thousands of Pro-Mark rub-on rivets.  Mike documented this "Early Parade" scheme MiG from a museum piece in Sinsheim Auto and Technik Museum in Germany. Nomenclature details are available from ProMark.


   This father, son team of Dick and Dustin Buescher enjoyed this Bandit ARF and a few other jets at the Heartland event.  A JetCat P-80SE has been reliable power for this 3 year old model.

  David Reid estimates that he has over 600 flights on this early Electra kit with an EVF 5612 power plant.  He has upgraded the batteries over the years.  The ease, simplicity, and reliability of the BVM electric jets allow jet pilots to go flying frequently to maintain and polish their skills.  Those polished skills keep David sharp on the sticks of his veteran BVM F-4 with P-160 power.
  California based BVM Rep. Dan Avilla is enjoying jet events country wide this year with a fully equipped motor home and 20ft Featherlite trailer.  These JetCat powered scale jets represent Dan's superb modeling and flying skills and have won many awards in recent years.  The "Artic" schemes show well.
  Greg Wright was very busy flying two Bandit ARF's and his fabulous F-100 in a Skyblazer scheme.  Greg lives in the area so he is very familiar with the Winamac Aeromodelers jet field.
  These two Ultra Bandits are guided by the brand new Horizon Hobbies Spektrum 18X radio - a good test of a control system.  David Ribbe and Chris Huhn are design engineers for the Horizon team.
  A novelty at Winamac was the BVM .91 Viojet powered F-16.  It worked very well while all turbine pilots stopped to watch and listen.  David Ribbe piloted Larry DePas's relic of jet model aviation.
  A similar vintage BVM F-16 was powered by an EVF ~3~ 12S, very quiet and fast. David Payne helped Jon Stotz make it happen.
  Dustin enjoys showing off the awesome performance of the BVM Sabre ARF with EVF ~3~ 12S propulsion.  A 10S system is quite sufficient for most Sabre customers.
  The big Skymaster F-86 shows well.  David Payne and Vernon Montgomery shared the fun.
  Janet and Mike McConville pose with their Skymaster T-45 Hawk after one of many flights.  Mike's signature maneuver is a 16 point roll.
  Extreme "High Alpha" maneuvers were demonstrated by David Ribbe with this Skymaster 1:6th scale F-16 on JetCat P-160 power.
  Dave Bloomer from Plainfield, Indiana showed his AirForce Aggressor eBandit with EVF ~3~ 12S power.  This larger E-Jet is easy to see.
  Jeff Anderson has several BVM jets, but all who own an "Ultra Bandit" like it best.  Because of its size and performance it does use up some sky.
  These early version KingCats are still serving owners Chuck Shull and Dave Brawling at events like Winamac.  These samples were manufactured in 2005.
  A very impressive duet of Spektrum paint scheme eBandit and Ultra Bandit was performed by David Payne and Chris Huhn.  These custom schemes were painted in-the-mold products by the artisans at BVM.
  Our gracious contest director Jim Widner got a ride on the BVM demo 10S powered Electra from an early kit.  Jim wants to build one soon.
  Seth Arnold of XFC fame took possession of this Bandit ARF and earned his turbine waiver in the same day.  Congrats Seth on your second consecutive win at the XFC, welcome to jet flying!
  Dustin and BV packed these 5 EVF powered jets into the extended GMC Van (Explorer Conversion).  We flew all many times, constantly cycling 5 sets of ThunderPower batteries on (2) PowerLab 8 chargers.  Dozens of flights - not a scratch.

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