Joe Nall 2010

The largest gathering of R/C/ modelers yet!

    If it is radio controlled and flies or floats, it was represented at this the greatest R/C show in the world.  The 954 registered pilots enjoyed the diversity of 5 separate flying sites allowing everyone to get their fill of flying/boating.  Jets are a small but welcomed contribution to the spectrum of model aviation.  BVM appreciates the opportunity to display and fly our products so that the non-jet hobbyist can observe the state of the art.  The perfectly manicured grass facility actually is a nice break from sun soaked asphalt.  As always, we extend our gratitude to Pat Hartness and C.D. Mike Gregory and his staff for their tireless efforts for creating the greatest spectacle in model aviation.

  The mid day airshow involves a lot of BVM/Skymaster jets and pilots.  The BVM time slot is about 12 minutes, so we launch a group of EVF's and follow with a group of JetCat turbine powered models.  The crowd is treated to the full spectrum of jet model aviation.

Pilots and Planes

   This "Striker" scheme EVF 12R powered Electra demonstrated the absolute upper end of EDF performance.  Multiple 200 mph passes and limit of sight verticals during a six minute flight can be obtained by an experienced pilot like Dustin.


   A specially painted Ultra Bandit was flown by Horizon's special Spektrum guy, Chris Huhn.  Exhilarating performance and style with JetCat P-200 power was well executed.
   Team Horizon leader Peter Goldsmith gets a lot of support from Caroline.  They have cultivated the best of the best to represent a huge line of products.  The new blue "Team" shirts were visible at every Joe Nall venue.  This Skymaster Hawk was Peter's jet ride for the show. 
   Another Horizon super pilot is David Payne.  David helped us demonstrate the broad flight envelope of the
Skymaster F-16.
   BVM's Chris Keene has grown into show pilot status with many smooth demo flights on our P-80SE powered Bandit ARF.
   Dustin's routine was applauded by the spectators. Many commented about the visual pleasantry of this Ultra Bandit color scheme.  See Ultra Bandit color schemes for many examples.
   My new favorite jet is our "e" Bandit ARF prototype.  Eight minute aerobatic flights at 160+ mph are the norm for this large EVF 12s powered model.  The latest ThunderPower 45c 7600mAh LiPo's provide the energy source.  The
"e" Bandit is an all new, very light weight airframe.  It is a pleasure to fly from this grassfield.
   Our Sabre ARF was also busy at Joe Nall.  The 7600's work well in this model as well.
   BVM customers Ed Ritsko and Jeff Prosise joined the fun at Joe Nall with these very special BVM/Skymaster jets.
   Our close to the flight line venue was attended by Patty Generali who so graciously answers your questions about BVM products.

Our thanks to Rick Hayes for sending along these photos.

   A decent airshow effort is rewarded by some special time with "Peanut".