September 15-17, 2006
Bad Neuenahr, Germany


After hearing about Jet Power for the past few years, I decided that it was time to attend the show and help our dealer network promote BVM Jets in Europe. Arriving at the field early on Thursday, it was evident that the location was ideal being it was a full-size airport with no runway lights.

For those unfamiliar with this show, it is not an open jet rally. Jet Power is only open to manufacturers and retailers, providing a single time slot each day for them to demonstrate their product. The pilots meeting was held nightly to at the field to determine the next days flight order. The entire event was well organized by Winnie Ohlgart who made sure everyone's needs were accommodated.

It was a very memorable experience for me as everyone was extremely helpful. I met many customers that I have corresponded with via email and over the telephone during the event and look forward to returning next year.

The airfield used for the event (Bengener heath) is a small airport that sits on top of a hill, overlooking the German countryside.


The crowd at Jet Power was very large and consisted of many modelers from all over the world to local aviation enthusiasts.

Note the safety nets that were setup the entire length of the field!

Each night the flight order for the following day would be drawn. With all of the companies in attendance, each demonstration slot is 12 minutes long which is strictly enforced with a stopwatch and flightline crew.
Al's Hobbies from England setup a booth at Jet Power to promote BVM Jets along with other product lines. Owner, Ali Machinchy was gracious enough to let me fly his Ultra Bandit during his time slot.
The JetCat booth was very large and had the full range of engines and accessories on display.
Dave Wilshire of Motors & Rotors had plenty of BVM accessories to offer customers and had a new Bandit ARF on display. Dave flew his BobCat Composite and Super Bandit during his demo time.
AMT Netherlands had a BobCat XL on display and allowed us to demo the Ultra Bandit (Olympus HP power) in their time slot daily.