Chris, Dustin, Rob, Rick, Jack, Pablo, Harley, and BV

Great Flying - Great Camaraderie

Four friends from South Florida joined us at the RCACF jet friendly field to enjoy our sport together.  It was a warm October day with a breeze down the runway, the conditions were perfect.  The machines and pilots all performed expertly, each with our own style.  Rob Lynch, Pablo, and Dustin were the star performers.  Pablo and BV flew a formation routine with eBandits and all the planes went home without even a scratched wing tip.

Photo Gallery
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  Jack Fetter has been enjoying his Camo Electra with EVF 12s power for over a year now.  Jack also contributes his time and talents producing short video clips of electric jets.


  The one turbine model at this gathering was this gorgeous Bandit ARF with JetCat P-80SE power.  Rick Chase handles it well.
   Pablo Fernandez received the first production eBandit and now has 80 + flights on it.
   The EVF ~2~ 12s, ThunderPower 7600's, and JR Radio are all working perfectly.  If you have seen Pablo fly, you know he doesn't baby this equipment.  His efforts have contributed to BVM's 2 year warranty on our EVF ~2~ 10s and 12s systems.
   Dustin was showing off again with the current fastest E.D.F..  This is the same special Electra that won the speed event at E-Jets International September 2010.  Fastest pass was 227 mph, with an average 2 way best of 218.5 mph.
   The Artic scheme Sabre performed very well on the new EVF ~2~ 10s.  There are various ThunderPower battery combinations that fit in the Sabre.

 The eBandit In-Action.  Pablo describes his latest ride as the "Ultimate E.D.F. Machine".

   Rob Lynch executes a half roll on take-off.  The trees appear closer than they really are so there was plenty of time for Rob's push to vertical climb with this EVF ~2~ 12s powered Electra ARF.

Photo's by: Dustin Buescher