Monster Planes / 12 O'Clock High
October 24-26, 2013

   F.T.E. hosted the 6th fall classic Monster Planes / 12 O'Clock High event at Paradise Field Lakeland, Florida.  The pilot participation was good as was the weather, producing a very busy flight line.  The local Imperial R/C Club, supports Frank Tiano's events with flight line coordinators to help keep things orderly and safe.
  Late October ushers in the first of Central Florida's "Fall" weather.  It's the beginning of our serious flying season.

Gathered here are some of the planes and pilots representing BVM's participation.

Planes:  F-16, F-86, Ultra Bandit, Hawk, Albatross, and the MiG-15

Pilots:  Bob Violett, Ray Johns, Dustin Buescher, Greg Arnett, and Jose Morchek


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  Shani Studnik flew his BVM F-100 and Ultra Bandit many times during the event.  His comment to BV was "The Ultra Bandit is the best flying jet he has ever owned."  Mike Haspass is assisting.

  The new BVM 1/6th scale F-16 project was on display and several interested pilots got some stick time.  The landing gear passed its grassfield test without a hitch after 15 take off's and landings on this less than perfect turf. The ventral fins were removed for this first grassfield operation.  As it turned out, they would have been OK as factory installed. 

  Paradise field will have a paved runway for Florida Jets 2014.


  As part of the Noon Time Show, Greg Arnett entertained the crowd by personally piloting this real Boeing MD600 NOTAR helicopter.

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